The Daily Smallville 02:12 Insurgence




  • Lionel had Lex’s office bugged. Little flashes of Lex’s future personality coming out here and there in this opening
  • Invisible Man song by Theory of a Deadman. Nice background to this scene.
  • Fun transition into the theme song

Act One

  • Kenneth Biller & Jeph Loeb writers / Director James Marshall – directed Heat as well. 
  • Kent anniversary again and another dust up between Jonathan and Martha about her job. She’s right to want to stay working for the farm. Clark is right as well trying to show how Lionel conned Lex. But Pa is acting out of emotion, even if he ultimately turns out to be correct.
  • That innuendo line. Ha. Lionel seems to be back to his old ways of trying to teach Lex through example. 
  • Lex is Mr Green. Like purple and green? Lex is going to bug LuthorCorps. 
  • Lana is going to meet Jennifer Small, Henry’s wife. 
  • This episode is one of the first where Clark isn’t the main player. He’s playing sounding board for the main stories. 
  • Lana about the Kents: “Some people are just meant to be together.” That look on Clark’s face. 

Act Two

  • Uh oh. Martha is going to get caught in the middle of this corporate war
  • Kern is played by Byron Mann – who also plays Yao Fei on Arrow!
  • Wait. Lionel was at the mansion. Lex gives the go ahead to the group once Lionel leaves to bug LuthorCorps. They drive away from the building – or go to a back entrance? Then we come back and they are doing their work. And Lionel and Martha are in the building? That fast?
  • Lionel again trying to sway Martha. Even the guy who barges in with a gun feels they are lovebirds. 
  • Lex goes off on Pa. He’s done listening to Pa treat him poorly. And he’s right. If it was just Jonathan not trusting Lex because of a feeling or because Lex gave him cause that’s one thing – as we’ll see at the end of the ep. But this is also wrapped up in Pa’s history with Lionel and Pa’s argument with Martha wanting to keep her job. Pa Kent not so calm and level headed these episodes. 
  • Pa to Clark: “It is not your responsibility to fix everything”. Ouch. Tell me again how only the DCEU Pa Kent portrayal has faults?

Act Three

  • this hold up feels very Arrow-esque. Or maybe DC Universe-esque even though they are just random criminals. 
  • Mrs. Small trying to warn Lana about Henry Small’s faults. Or is this a feint? Insurgencies everywhere!
  • Mrs. Small played by Eileen Pedde who shows up in the Arrowverse as well.
  • Look at Pa going to Lex and apologizing. Ha. Lex is not making it easy on him. 
  • Clark tries to get into the building and is stopped. Is that Maggie Sawyer?! Yup. LT Sawyer. Smallville just got a little wider DCU-wise. 
  • Jill Teed plays Maggie Sawyer. She was also IceMan’s mom in X-Men 2. Which means the entire Drake family has been on Smallville – we just haven’t seen the younger brother yet. Vancouver casting! She also has a role on Arrow.
  • Yoooo. Bars of kryptonite in the vault. 
  • Daily Planet!! Clark wants to jump from one building to the next. Pa doesn’t know if Clark can do it. 
  • Martha sees files on Clark and the spaceship disc. How did Lionel get it? / Makes you wonder if Lionel planned this work day for Martha because he knew it was the Kents’ anniversary.

Act Four

  • Clark on top of the Daily Planet nervous as hell. This is a bookend to the very last scene of the entire series. Fantastic. 
  • The jump! Another level up of what he can do. 
  • Just a whiff of Superman style music
  • Okay. NOW Pa has a right to be angry. With Martha in danger. 
  • Clark. “Where’s my mom?” Ha. 
  • Martha helps to pick up the files. Lionel looks worried!
  • Here we go. Another Martha/Lionel/Clark scene. Lionel listening to Martha warn Clark because of the Kryptonite. Hearing Clark collapse. Seeing him most likely. Escalation everywhere.

Act Five  

  • Lionel shoots the main guy. He heard the gun fall (saw it?) and picked it up.
  • What happened to Bishop? Or the guy Clark ran into, Nicky?
  • Nicky is played by Colin Cunningham who plays TC on Preacher 
  • Clark burns the files. Martha takes the disc. 
  • This is similar to the end of Jitters where the Kents are a family while Lex looks on with no connection to his own father. Plus the return of music over sad slow mo actions.
  • Pa wants Martha to keep her job. “Maybe we should take a page out of the Luthor playbook.” Clark doesn’t look to happy about that. 
  • Wait. Martha hides the disc but doesn’t tell anyone?? Odd. 
  • good episode. Loeb making up for Red. It feels like a Smallville episode but also, perhaps for the first time, it feels like a DC Universe episode. One of the first Smallville episodes to go into the larger DCU outside of just mentions. 
  • Probably the most important episode of the season so far along with 02:01 Vortex and 02:03 Duplicity.


Next episode: Suspect!


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