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02:13 SUSPECT 


  • Cool opening. Takes place shortly after last episode. Lionel thinks Martha will no longer be working with him
  • From the book Lionel is reading: “That which is done out of love always takes place beyond what is good and evil” – That’s like Lionel’s mantra when it comes to Lex.
  • Who shot Lionel Luthor?! Someone he just had a conversation with
  • Cut to Pa Kent passed out in his trunk with a gun. Certainly feels weightier considering all of their history which plays out better as a binge watch. 

Act One

  • writer Mark Verheiden & Philip Levens / director Kenneth Biller – Biller co-wrote Insurgence, the last episode, and is now directing this one. That’s a real good one two punch there for his resume.
  • Pa Kent back in jail. Martha was going to bring in her dad as Pa’s lawyer. They decide to ask Henry Small. Good use of call backs and a character in house. 
  • Lex’s actions during the season 1 finale are thrown back in his face by Dominic Sanatori. When Lex hesitated to save Lionel from debris. 
  • Henry Small doesn’t want the case. What’s up his butt?
  • Lana overheard Pa and Lionel arguing about the watch Lionel tried to give Martha. Yup – this is a sequel to Insurgence. 
  • The argument is also about Clark’s adoption and Pa being the cause of the Luthors even being in Smallville. 
  • Ha. Pa on a bender. / okay wait. This has to be a double of some kind. A shapeshifter? Mind controlled? 
  • Ethan: “But now he’s our only SUSPECT!” Get it?

Act Two

  • Clark and Pete on the case!
  • Oooo Lex gives Clark the cold shoulder 
  • Dominic trying to get Lex accused. More corporate wars between father and son. Especially after last episode 
  • Nah. Lex didn’t kill Lionel. We know why. 
  • I see, these are flashbacks of how the story is being told at that time.
  • The Doctor is Barclay Hope – who plays Cliff Blossom on Riverdale!

Act Three

  • Chloe gives Lana info – a little too happily – on the history between Henry and Lionel. Lionel got Henry fired from his law firm years ago. Is Henry the shooter?
  • Clark to Lex: “It’s not like I haven’t seen you shoot someone before.” Including Clark himself. 
  • Oooo. Good Clark and Lex scene. Lex always seems to come out on top whenever these two argue. 
  • Pa finally admitting his fears about Martha and his anger towards the Luthors is the cause of all this. Interesting scene after my feelings about his actions last episode. 
  • Clark loses his cool at the bar. Bartender says Jonathan always had a temper. 
  • Clark and Pete: targets of an execution. That stunt has to be a Dukes of Hazzard homage!!
  • Damn, bye bye Pete’s car

Act Four

  • Hmmm maybe it is Dominic?
  • Okay. Not Henry. I don’t remember this episode and it’s keeping me guessing in a good way.
  • The bartender has disappeared. Did Jonathan give Clark a look as if to say Go search?
  • Ooop. Dead bartender and a clue to the killer. 

Act Five  

  • Not Sheriff Ethan!! Did we get a motive outside of just hating the Luthors?
  • Clark: “Darkness like that just doesn’t come out of nowhere.” / Lex thinks people find a way to bring it out in others. 
  • Ohhh. Ethan gave Lionel the info on some of the members of Lex’s board. That’s how Lionel was able to buy his company out from under him. This goes all the way back to the s1 finale and Lex’s company for most of this season. Lionel’s evil but this really is next level. 
  • Fun episode. Good way to use the entire cast without making it feel too much like just adding them on for contract reasons. And we move the Luthors forward as well as Pa Kent.
  • I’m also curious to see how Pa’s personality changes – if at all – after this episode.  


Next episode: Rush!


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