The Daily Smallville 02:03 Duplicity




  • Hamilton was still at Cadmus and is messed up
  • Lex is running his own company. That’s why it’s LexCorps now
  • Another Smallville car accident. Gotta be the 6-7th one by now. What’s the budget for car crashes?
  • Pete finds the spaceship!

Act One

  • written by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer / Steve Miner director
  • Pete is way excited about showing Clark the ship
  • Hahaha blind Lionel. No way is this real. I can’t remember the outcome / Lionel moving into the mansion because he’s been added to the opening credits
  • Nell’s gotta bf. Didn’t think we’d see her again
  • Good advice from Ma: Clark’s secret may be too big of a responsibility for Pete to know
  • Oh damn. Pete sees Clark and Jonathan trying to steal the ship
  • He’s gonna tell him!

Act Two

  • which is better – Pete discovering the secret on his own or Clark telling him as seen here? Clark telling Pete nudges the theme of Clark’s worry about what other people might think of his truth.
  • Uh oh. Hamilton goes to Lionel. Which will only put him on the scent. If he’s not already on it.
  • Chloe is somewhat also on the scent of the space ship. But I guess this will be dropped by the end of the ep.

Act Three

  • Lex: “If a person’s deceived me once I find it hard to give them a second chance.” Which worries Clark. An obvious touchstone to their relationship. Also an echo to what’s going on with Pete.
  • Lionel “sees” the ship.
  • Lana reveals she broke up with Whitney. But Clark doesn’t tell her about his difficulties with Pete. Which doesn’t sit well with Lana. “Hiding the truth only keeps people apart.” A recurring feeling from her this season.
  • Noooo Pete. You’re giving too much away!

Act Four

  • Clark is getting tired of lying.
  • Is Hamilton’s condition prolonged exposure to meteor rocks?
  • Lionel: “I was tired of being treated like an object.” Not terribly different from how Clark may feel.
  • How did Clark speed away in the middle of his classmates?
  • Yup. Hamilton has meteor illness

Act Five

  • both Hamilton and Pete see what Clark can do. Strength. Speed. Heat vision. As well as being “allergic” to the meteors.
  • Clark now has a sidekick in Pete
  • Hamilton gets juiced in the head with meteor drippings. Similar scene years later in Incredible Hulk that creates the Leader. And then he goes all Jitters and dies.
  • This adventure gives Pete an idea why Clark has always kept the secret. / “It’s not easy being you is it?”
  • Jonathan isn’t happy but Pete is now family. And finally gets a better place on the show.
  • And now Lionel AND Lex are spaceship hunting
  • Watching the show back to back like this shows how Pete learning the secret is a relief in a way for Clark. They can play basketball and Clark can be himself. Not just around his parents. But a friend as well. The song lyrics “it’s just an ordinary day”. As a one off episode it could feel like just a small chapter. But Clark’s desire to be normal in his world has been there from the beginning. And now that world has opened up for him just a little bit.
  • Who has the key???


Next episode: Red!


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