The Daily Smallville 02:01 Vortex


02:01 VORTEX


  • great opening.
  • Is the ship going to Clark? / the key separates from the ship
  • I don’t remember this opening at all / How did Clark get up to the truck?
  • Jonathan is going primal on Nixon. This is his family at stake. / even in his rage Pa steps up and saves Nixon from falling trailer house
  • Jonathan Glover added to the opening credits!

Act One

  • Story by Gough & Millar / Philip Levens teleplay / Greg Beeman director
  • New this season: Consulting Producer: Jeph Loeb. Who had wrapped up his Superman run by this time.
  • Tom Welling showing great energy in his desperation as Clark to get Lana some help / there’s Rekha Sharma again
  • How did the ship fit through the storm cellar staircase?
  • Lionel possibly losing his legs
  • Chloe asks Lana what happened. Apparently Lana got a tan while in the hospital

Act Two

  • While Clark is looking for Pa, Lex tells him how he hesitated in saving his own dad / this is almost like a confession from Lex
  • Nixon to Jonathan: “you’re just a small man whose son’s destiny is too big for you to comprehend. Clark doesn’t belong to you. He belongs to the world.” I mean. He’s not wrong.
  • Clark to Lex: “I’m starting to wonder if what my dad says about you is true.” / Clark overhears Lex talking to Nixon. Finally! Clark listens to his suspicion about Lex. / “I don’t have time for this.” Clark finally reacting to Lex’s constant duplicity.

Act Three

  • Lana to Clark: “is that really what happened?” Lana knows there was more to her rescue
  • Ma grounding Clark about people wanting to exploit him and carrying the burden of his gifts alone someday. Seems like Jonathan gives him a base and Ma shows him the many paths of a situation
  • Lots of lead around Pa.
  • Nixon to Pa: “Since the beginning of time people have been looking up at the stars and wondering what’s out there? Clark is the answer that they have been waiting for.” / that’s similar to Man of Steel dialogue from Pa about “You’re the answer, son. You’re the answer to “are we alone in the universe”.
  • Lex straight up tells Clark that Nixon approached him with info about the Kents.
  • Cave in on Pa and Nixon / of course there’s kryptonite! It’s everywhere!!

Act Four

  • Now Lana has questions about her car accident the same way Lex did in season 1
  • Always cool to see a Lana and “Lana” scene / Ma tells Lana she made one wish come true the day of the meteor shower: Clark. Even Clark doesn’t know that story. Good scene.
  • Chloe wants to just stay friends with Clark. But she’s lying and it backfires on her. She knows the truth now. Off to pout with Pete. / Pete gets sacrificed because Clark has other friends.
  • Pa tells Nixon about the first time Clark used his abilities as a toddler. It’s basically the Golden Age scene of baby Clark lifting the crib in the orphanage.
  • Pretty sure I saw purple undies hanging on the trailer. That’s an odd prop placement.
  • Haha. Nixon is going to carry Clark if he has to for evidence 
  • Yooooo. That jump from Pa onto Nixon. That’s Lost series finale Jack jumping on Locke level! So good.
  • Lex kills Nixon. When the gun went off I almost thought it was Ma. / of course it’s Lex. Covering loose ends. And he’s the only one who could get away with it.

Act Five

  • “You were like super mom”. Clark realizing how strong Ma is / Pa talks about how close he was to killing Nixon and what pulled him back.
  • “One of them is lying son.” / “Which one tried to kill you. Which one saved your life.”
  • Pa finally thanks Lex for saving him. A fresh start. Uh oh. That won’t end well.
  • Chloe pouting.
  • Clark talks to Pa about the twister experience. / “I felt like I was willing myself to do it. Felt like I was flying” / oh good! I thought only Ma experienced Clark’s flying power. At least there’s a taste for Jonathan of just how much more powerful Clark can become. You can see it on Pa’s face.
  • Lionel still trying to excuse his actions toward Lex as a teaching lesson / and Lionel reveals he’s blind. And that Lex should’ve left him die. / is Lionel really blind? This is like Lex going bald from the events of the storm.
  • Lana sums it up nicely. “These events change you. Wipes out your illusions. You discover things about yourself.” / all of the cast comes out of these events altered
  • Lana’s looking for answers. And knows Clark is hiding something. And now their relationship is about Clark hiding from her even though she wants him to tell him everything
  • Lana to Clark: “You can’t hide out here forever” – the clock is ticking for these two.
  • The ship is in a corn field! All of Lex’s evidence is gone.

Next episode: Heat!


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