The Daily Smallville 02:11 Visage


02:11 VISAGE


  • Lana checking Clark out. Clark missing their talks. I thought they were supposed to be friends?!
  • Whitney’s been missing for a month 
  • The necklace is back! 
  • Whoa wait. It’s the real Whitney! In Indonesia. I didn’t think we would see him again. 
  • Damn Smallville. Trying to blow him up real good. 

Act One

  • writers Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer / director Bill Gereghty
  • Chloe: “One by one our heroes are being defrocked”. Episode setup clue 
  • This is a busy Smallville High hallway scene compared to previous shots. 
  • That’s not Whitney
  • Ha! Clark leaves Lana’s books on the ground. 
  • Pa being all patriotic. Saying Clark has to go to Lana’s party for Whitney. 
  • Whitney: “Some of my memory was wiped out”. Yup. It’s not him. 
  • Uh oh. Helen Bruce has a secret partnership with Lionel. Probably isn’t what it seems compared to Whitney’s situation. These episodes like to double up themes or show opposites. 
  • Whitney goes all ragey on Clark. He’s still not that great of an actor. 
  • Ooop. Okay. If you didn’t know by now, that scene should be enough proof. 

Act Two

  • Imposter Whitney trying to get Lana to move in with him. The show never really talks about their age gap does it?
  • Lex: “People are seldom who they appear to be”
  • Clark x-ray’s Whitney. Is he a robot? Oh damn!!! It’s Tina Greer! From 01:04 X-Ray! Haha. Nice surprise there. I thought the fellow soldier took over Whitney’s form somehow in the explosion. Nice twist. 

Act Three

  • again. They should come to the realization about Whitney and Tina sooner after everything that has happened. 
  • Oooop. Tina has Lana put the beat down on Pete. Why didn’t he call out to Clark?
  • Ah there it is. The legality of the relationship between Lana and Whitney. It’s in one small bit of dialogue when “he” asks her to marry him. 
  • Haha. John Schneider playing as Tina. 

Act Four

  • Such a small piece of kryptonite to knock Clark out. I always question the immediacy of the poisoning. Why can’t he grab and throw it?
  • Kate from Lost at the Talon!
  • The ship just woke up!! And knocked out the kryptonite necklace. Whaaaat?
  • Oh this scene is creepy considering Allison Mack’s future. 
  • Another Clark/Lana kiss where one of them isn’t what they seem. 
  • See Lana! Start listening to your friends! You just went thru the double thing with Ian. Why wouldn’t you think it could be a possibility that something is going on when everyone is acting weird! This is the part of the episode to episode watch that is frustrating. 

Act Five  

  • Lana knocked out again!! 
  • Clark Vs Clark! This had to be fun to film. 
  • “I’m going to kick your ass Kent!” Hah. This fight is outrageous 
  • Dead Tina. 
  • Ooop. Whitney really is dead. Died in combat
  • Clark wondering if he could have the same courage without his powers. Ew. Don’t compare to Whitney.
  • No question about the ship?!
  • Lex and Helen make up. Surprisingly I don’t really have any connection here. It just feels like they have to put Lex in every episode so this is how they handle that for this chapter. 
  • Mad World? Love this song. 
  • Oh no the caves. Blehhhh. 
  • Lana sad that everyone leaves her. Even Whitney. What? Girl he died! What the heck. Selfish much?
  • Okay at least we get some forward momentum out of Lana and Clark by her recognizing that Clark is always there for her. 
  • fun episode. Nice Smallville callbacks while resolving the Whitney story. And also the Tina loose end. Ending gets a little sappy but overall not bad. 


Next episode: Insurgence!


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