The Daily Smallville 01:04 X-ray


01:04: X-ray

– Kryptonite Monster of the Week: another one obsessed with Lana. / LSH connection: Chameleon Boy! Tina Greer masquerading as Lex during a bank robbery.

– Clark gains X-ray vision – you can see him blinking his eyes in the very first scene. / again, powers developing with puberty (like when he gets heat vision later), but maybe also with the discovery that he’s an alien. Almost like his mind/body is forcing the issue subconsciously. I like that notion. Especially with how they deal with his “Kryptonian” side later.

– Clark doesn’t mention that he saw the green radiation in the x-ray

– Lex visits the Kents / gives a bit of sass to Pa about people’s opinions of Lex / Lex: “I promise I’m not a criminal mastermind” – obvious dialogue for the future of Lex.

– More creepy Clark when his X-Ray kicks in towards the girls’ locker. / only in a tv show would every girl have matching underwear.

– Kents giving Clark help on how to manage his new power

– Lost Boys theatre movie poster

– Tina tries to kill Martha looking like Clark / with all these Kryptonite Monsters of the Week, I forget if we ever see someone not be “evil”. Could explain it with this just how K affects humans. / With so much of it spread around Smallville, practically everyone could be susceptible to the radiation one way or another.

– Lana going through her mother’s belongings / a snow globe. I think that visual comes back later, something with snow. / learns about some truths about her mom growing up as a teen / Laura Lang / “I never made a difference here, but maybe my children can”- pretty much the motto of Clark, Lana, even Lex in a way.

– Lex has a juvenile record / Metropolis Inquisitor. Smallville Ledger.

– Tina as Lana to Clark: “It’s like having a dual identity. There’s the person that everybody sees and the person you want to be.”

– Lana comes to Chloe to track down her mother’s graduation speech from 1977. She was 17 at the time. / first Lana and Chloe scene outside of the guys?

– Lex and his blackmailer – Lex shows that he IS a criminal mastermind. / And then he turns the tables and “hires” the guy to investigate how he survived the bridge car accident.

– Daily Planet mention!

– Clark trying his x-ray power on the lead box Lex gave him. / Lana asks Clark what he would ask his biological parents: “What happened? Why did they let him go? How to make sense of all the strangeness in his life” – more orphan connections here

– Clark is surprisingly not phased by Tina’s mom’s dead body

– Tina vs Clark – interesting to see what happens when he’s up against someone who has strength in these early stages / although he has trouble with the coffin lid that trapped Lana

– Tina Greer knows about Clark even though she’s put away. / another antagonist loose end.

– Clark understands Tina’s frustration about having a secret gift – seeing other people able to be normal. Wanting to be someone else. / Ma knows clark likes Lana / more creepy Clark looking at Whitney and Lana kiss.

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3 thoughts on “The Daily Smallville 01:04 X-ray

  1. Peter – I haven’t seen Smallville, and I doubt I ever will. HOWEVER, I will scour each of these sets of notes! I’m enjoying them for 2 reasons:

    1) it is a great example of how to really enjoy and deep-dive a story/episode/film/comic/play . . . etc. I’m inspired to tackle some things in the future in a similar way. I can see this only enhancing the enjoyment of a work (and sharing that with interested people).

    2) it reminds me of the old deep-dives you’d do on CGS with Adam, among others. Your insight always added a lot to my understanding and appreciation of the work.

    I hope it’s fun for you and that you keep it up!

    Take care,

    1. John! Thank you for the feedback! I was always a notetaker – and going to school for Theatre definitely pushed and refined that skill – so I felt like I had to do something with all of this info. Better to share than to keep for myself. Haha. Plus, I feel having written information on the site is a good way to provide geek content for those that can’t listen to podcasts.

      Smallville is definitely a show that can be a commitment. It has its ups and downs – and at the time it was one of the first geek shows that crossed over to the mainstream audience such as my younger brother and sister. Way before all the geek content we have now. I’m always surprised at how emotional the story of Superman can be in all of the various media. I’m looking forward to seeing if the show has that same effect on this second or third rewatch.


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