The Daily Smallville 01:05 Cool


01:05: COOL

– Crater Lake – full of Kryptonite. Again, Smallville is littered in the stuff. Everyone should be affected.

– Clark doesn’t feel the cold weather (at least to some degree) / Chloe asks if he’s from an ice planet. The movie Superman made Krypton seem like ice (or crystal?)

– Chloe mentions the L.L. initials in Clark’s life.

– Kryptonite Monster of the Week: LSH: Polar Boy. / although this is more like Killer Frost, absorbing heat.

– Clark is good at math. And using his superspeed without reserve. Clark normalizing his powers around his parents. Growing into them. 

– Chloe stands up for herself with Pete and Clark when it comes to talking about their dating habits

– Ma and Lex talk – she is much more forgiving of Lex’s family name / Lex wants to invest in Smallville farms to ease their money woes / he’s wearing purple again

– Lex again tells Lana he feels she’s with the wrong guy. It’s feeling pushy now. / Whitney is the worst though

– Radiohead concert in Metropolis – Clark is asking why Lex is doing this / Lex says Clark is like the younger brother he’s never had.

– Chloe is not happy with Clark and Lana going on a “date”

– Sean goes Psycho scene on his ex

– Pa notices that Lex has his hands on all the Kents’ plans for the episode

– Chloe: “Blue’s a good color on you” to Clark. Yes, it will be.

– the Kents come to the mansion for the first time / Lex invited just the Kents, lying to Martha from before / but he wants to help

– Lana recognizes that Clark knows things about her / Clark uses his x-ray vision to guess a playing card / interesting conversation about how they both had to explain to others that this wasn’t a date

– Clark stops the date to go rescue Chloe. The first of many times that this will happen no doubt. / Clark rescues Chloe using his powers around her but she doesn’t see

– Pete spills the beans to Lana. That nothing else is more important to Clark than her. Ooooops.

– Pa wants to know why Lex is helping the Kents. Because Clark saved Lex, gave him a new life.

– another car accident. Insurance in Smallville must be outrageous.

– interesting fx when Sean steals Clark’s heat – like a bright light of sunshine. Makes sense with how Clark should be empowered by the sun

– Sean gets thrown into a river to be stopped. Sooooo what happened to him? Is he just there? / And when will Clark tell someone to do something about all the Kryptonite around the place?!

– Pa takes out a bank loan rather than work with Lex / it’s interesting to see how much of Lex’s eventual character, at least for now, is not always his fault. Between the Luthor name and legacy, and people like Pa not giving him a chance, the show is at least trying to give Lex a chance.

– is Jenna the first Smallville student death? How many more before the show is over – just like in Buffy

– Lana says to Clark that she told Whitney her and Clark: “we’re just friends” / Clark asks Lana why she’s with Whitney: “Whenever I need him he’s there. Guess he makes me feel safe”. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

– “Standing Still” song by Jewel isn’t as powerful an ending as other songs have been/will be.


Next week: Episodes 6 thru 10!


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