The Daily Smallville 01:03 Hothead


01:03 Hothead

– football in the rain. Again, how much of what will eventually become the CW look/tone – all the way to current shows – was inspired by Smallville?

– the Crows wear Burgundy and yellow – just like the movie football team and even Byrne’s origin story.

– Coach Walt. Sauna in the green mist of meteorites. And he doesn’t find that troubling?

– Kryptonite Monster of the Week: With another LSH nod. To Sun Boy? Dr. Regulus? Sun King? / another effect this time with an animal sound as the fire rages.

 – Clark chucks the football hard towards another student. Showing how pre-Superman Clark is usually always shown as using his powers in retaliation / Yup. He’s adopted as he says to the coach. Again – is that a thing in the comics? / Walt wants him on the team 

– Whitney Fordman. Ma Kent’s first married name in the Byrne run

– shots of the Kent Farm have just about become iconic all the way through to both the CW’s Elseworlds and Crisis on Infinite Earths crossovers

– the football thing so Clark isn’t a loser theme comes back again / Pa: “You were meant for much more important things than winning football games” – dialogue similar to Pa’s conversation with Clark in the first movie.

– Clark: “I’m playing football and you can’t stop me”. But Clark looks a little scared of his dad’s reaction. / In his own way, Clark is being a hothead.

– Lex wearing purple / Lionel sent Lex to Smallville for challenging him

– Lana quits cheerleading. She wants something for herself. Both her and Clark on the same path of finding something that gives them worth. 

– Clark barrels through his teammates with Pa watching to make sure no one gets hurt.

– Clark saves his principal from the coach’s fire attack on the car. Tom Welling seems to do some of the stunts – unless the fire is FX? Makes sense – if they didn’t at least try to do as many close ups he wouldn’t be believable.

– Ma: “This isn’t about his gifts, this is about his judgment” – good point. / Pa worried someone might take Clark away. Ma saying he’ll leave by himself without trust. 

– Lionel!! Love how he barges in / Lex in purple again / they fence for which one will win out in their business decision. / Lionel: “Are you good enough to take your old man?” – Father son dynamic echoing Pa and Clark with Coach giving Clark his Pa’s old position / Lionel says Lex is ruled by his emotions. That’s also like what Pa is saying – emotions can lead to bad decisions. 

– Another great Ma advice to Clark: “If you want to make your own decisions, you need to be prepared to live with your mistakes.”

– Coach goes after Chloe burning her office for talking to a player in the cheating scandal. She calls for Clark. People just naturally know he’s a savior. 

– A Lex/Clark/Lana scene. The first of many. All dealing with new paths and parents. Lex feels like he’s caved against what Clark and Lana have done. Which changes his idea for the plant against Lionel’s wishes.

– Clark at the sauna. Starting to recognize kryptonite poisoning 

– Pa saves Clark in the sauna. Pa learns about the meteorites. 

– Clark vs the Coach. Who burns himself out. Another loose end wrapped up so that Clark’s secret is safe.

– “You have no idea what I’m capable of”. Lex says to Lionel. 

– Lionel and Lex vs Clark and Pa: Back to back scenes of trust and care and raising a son. And the differences in each relationship.

– Lana gets fired. Funny since she’ll own a cafe eventually. 

– Another episode ending with Lana and Clark. Clark mentions his grandfather. Do we ever learn more about him? Even in the comics?


Next episode: X-Ray!


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