The Daily Smallville 02:15 Prodigal




  • This is like Bond meets Big Trouble in Little China
  • “Lucas. I’m your brother.”

Act One

  • writers Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders. Uh oh. / Directed by Greg Beeman
  • Clark comes for a job at the Talon. But Lana – rightfully – isn’t so keen on the idea. And are they still at odds?
  • Clark sees the rose he gave Lana last episode in the trash. Nice touch that I missed the first time.
  • Lionel and Lucas reunite. Lex found him in Edge City. And is doing this to try to get Lucas’ shares to buy out Lionel?
  • Lucas talking about the sword – calling it a fake – makes me feel like he’s commenting on himself as well.
  • Sequel to 02:07 Lineage
  • Clark is a little unsettled meeting Lucas. Competition for Lex’s attention?
  • Pete says Lex and Clark are like brothers.
  • Uh oh. One on one with Lucas brings out the worst in Clark
  • Lana doesn’t want to hire Clark because he can be unreliable. Chloe pushes her to agree. Odd.
  • Uh oh. Lionel and Lucas outsmart Lex and he gets kicked out of the mansion. Homeless Lex.
  • Lex now coming to Pa for help. This is all kind of hitting where we left off from previous eps but no one is communicating that. You just have to know.

Act Two

  • Pa: “I don’t want him left alone on this farm.”
  • Hahaha. There it is. Lionel has been lying! He’s seen everything this season. Everything with Clark especially. He’s a beast. Favorite character on the show
  • Clark is hired at the Talon
  • Lana: “Lex never mentioned that he had a brother” Sure he has – but I suppose not to Lana?

Act Three

  • Metropolis United Charities returns. This show is way more connected than a generic week to week viewing reveals. Even in my last rewatch I don’t remember all of these threads lasting as long as they have.
  • An attack on Lucas. Lex’s doing?
  • Clark not entirely faster than a speeding bullet

Act Four

  • hmmm this is Lionel’s doing isn’t it
  • Lionel: “Clark is a very special young man.” Mhm. You know he is, don’t you Lionel?
  • Lana’s fears about employing Clark coming true.
  • Pa: “You would’ve made one hell of a farmer”. Smallville always with the father son parallels with either Clark and Lex or Pa and Lionel. This time in parallel to Lionel’s conversation with Lucas.
  • Ouch. Lucas knocks Pa out. That won’t sit well with Jonathan
  • Clark and Lionel. This is a great scene to show how good of an actor John Glover is. Having to play up his blindness. Asking for Martha. So good.
  • And now Lex knows about Lionel’s “blindness”

Act Five 

  • Clark saves the day secretly
  • Ah. This last bit was a ploy between the brothers to set up Lionel; revealing that Lionel was going to kill Lucas, probably another test for Lex.
  • And then Lionel sees melted metal. Of course this’ll just add to what Lionel already knows about Clark
  • Lana: “I don’t see how things are ever going to change between us Clark.”  Ouch.
  • Lionel said he had his sight back for a few weeks. Hmmm. Is he lying? Was it longer? Was it real at all?
  • What happened to Lucas? Lex has him somewhere safe.
  • Lex: “Sometimes we’re all held hostage by the will of our fathers.” That’ll come true for Clark too. And in many ways, that’s how readers act to some of these characters as well.
  • Lex about their fathers: “My father may try and rule the world but yours will inherit the earth”. Which is just a mirror to their own future rivalry.
  • Good episode, especially considering the track record of the writers so far. Resolves a bunch of stuff that I’m glad they aren’t dragging on for awhile.


Next episode: Fever!


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