The Daily Smallville 02:14 Rush


02:14 RUSH


  • rave at the caves / oh wow. A Kyla mention. Several this episode. Color me surprised
  • Pete already with a replacement car / Pete and Chloe first time in the caves?
  • Travis kisses Chloe “Taking my shot”
  • The song at the rave, “Never Gonna Come Back Down” by BT, has some lyrics that I guess made it past the censors. “Fucking blonde girls with English name”. / “I love that shit” / whoa censors.
  • Pete gets stuck!
  • How is it so easy to get into the caves when it took Clark falling into them to discover them in the first place? And now there’s a dj booth in there?

Act One

  • writer Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer. Pretty good track record so far with these two / director Rick Rosenthal
  • Another dead Smallville student
  • Pete: “That’s a rush”. Title! And on the Talon marquis
  • Pete all but giving out Clark’s secret on the street
  • Clark asks Lana on a date! Uh oh! It begins!
  • Lex has learned that Clark visits the caves almost daily
  • Kryptonian alphabet on the wall.

Act Two

  • Chloe learns about the date: “Lana does it really matter how I feel? Don’t let me be your excuse.” She’s so whiney!
  • The Kents learn about Clark’s date / “Thanks mom!” That’s hilarious.
  • Fredric Walden
  • Chloe to Clark: “Any big plans for the weekend?” Nosy. But feels right for her age/character.
  • This is a Star Trek episode
  • Clark super speeds to save Pete in front of a bus and no one saw?
  • Pete shouting he’s an alien on the street

Act Three

  • Chloe gets stuck. / calls Walden a cunning linguist. This episode is dirty.
  • Yup. It’s a Star Trek episode.
  • Pete zaps Clark with meteor rock
  • Walden finds the parasites. Looks almost like Mr Mind.
  • why is Chloe so sexed up all the time?
  • Wow. They actually address how Chloe and Clark don’t always believe each other’s hunches. Surprised.
  • Clark breaks the date for Pete’s sake. (Ha) And then Chloe and Pete make it worse
  • Pete: “In your world Green means stop and red means go” thats a good line
  • Red Kryptonite makes a reappearance!

Act Four

  • they show Chloe Clark’s secret
  • can you fly / my own personal superhero
  • Bald joke! That’s rare surprisingly
  • Clark Vs Lex. Damn. Good scene even if Clark is under the Red
  • Again Chloe and Clark kiss but only because they are under the influence
  • I think this episode either turned Allison Mack or just revealed her inner kinkiness
  • Superhero teen drama here when Lana walks in on them kissing
  • Pete one punch man! I just don’t think kryptonite works that way.

Act Five 

  • that car catch isn’t as polished as later ones will be
  • Chloe: “Finally made the wall of weird.” Reference that this is Chloe’s first time changed by something odd? Is that true?
  • Of course they won’t remember anything
  • Dang. They had to go through surgery to get the parasite out. Their hospital bills must be insane
  • Come on. Why wouldn’t Lana tell Chloe about what happened?
  • Pete apologizes to the Kents / Martha repeats that Clark’s secret was a burden to put on Pete
  • Lex wants Clark to have access to the caves. He knows Clark may have a connection
  • Lana doesn’t accept Clark’s apology. Because he can’t say he was kissing Chloe while under red meteorite. Why not just say he was under the parasite too? Don’t the characters or writers remember the Nicodemus plants??
  • Good episode again. Very Smallville even if some of the beats are the same as the Nicodemus story (people can only reveal their true thoughts while under the influence). At least the caves are moving to something and not just acting solely like an additional meeting place for the show.


Next episode: Prodigal!


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