The Daily Smallville 02:16 Fever


02:16: FEVER


  • Martha hiding the starship disc in the storm cellar
  • Uh oh. Kryptonite fever. Although the fx made it seem that her body was already littered with Kryptonite
  • Clark, save the lemonade!
  • Ha. What if every transition into the theme was someone in trouble. Connecting right to the opening lyric of “Somebody save me!”

Act One

  • writer Matthew Okumura / director Bill Gereghty
  • Dr. Bryce returns.
  • “Health of her baby”! Boom! Finally – Martha’s secret is out from earlier this season.
  • I like how this season is building on season 1 and the first half of this season. Pushing stories and tying up stuff. Gives this season an identity.
  • Disease Control Agency. They want access to the farm to backtrack Martha’s movements.
  • And now Clark is fevered up. And losing his powers.
  • Why is there Kryptonite dust now suddenly near the ship when it wasn’t there before? It’s not like Martha dug that deeply to bury the disc. Unless the lead paint on top was shown to quietly explain that it was keeping the Kryptonite at bay in that small area?

Act Two

  • Damn. All this searching for toxic elements in the farm could ruin the Kent Farm business.
  • The spores are described as Organic particulate matter.
  • The DCA find the disc. Clark and Jonathan are surprised that it’s there.
  • Martha with secrets. She thinks the ship made her pregnancy possible. After the blast of energy from the s1 finale / She hid the key for fear that Clark would leave them if he found out his origins. That seems an odd bit of characterization for her. But I get it.
  • And now Clark succumbs. And when Bryce comes to help, Jonathan gets her to look at Clark’s blood work herself.
  • He’s a space boy Helen!

Act Three

  • Chloe all dolled up to see Clark. She really has it hard for him.
  • Chloe: “I’m the girl of your dreams masquerading as your best friend.” Ehn. Not really.
  • Clark mumbles “Lana”. At this point the writers are just torturing Chloe.
  • Is this letter to Clark the reason why people thought Chloe would eventually become Lois Lane?
  • Pa to the rescue.
  • This is fairly dour episode.

Act Four

  • That’s smart. Make a mess while you’re looking for the disc. No one will ever know.
  • Oh come on. How did Clark and Pa get away from them??
  • This is suddenly like E.T. or something. Or X-Files
  • Oh no. Martha down.

Act Five

  • wait. It’s Pete isn’t it. Yup! That’s not a safe move.
  • Ship activated! This is right out in the open in the hospital parking lot!
  • Oh damn. Martha died!
  • Oh come on! This is a major unexplained light event!! How is this not followed up??
  • Just like before, the ship seems to negate all the Kryptonite. You’d think it could do the same to all of Smallville.
  • Uh oh. Bryce has knowledge!
  • Who is this Dr Trenton? Giving Lex a file on Mrs Kent.
  • Lex wants Bryce to move in
  • Lana finds Chloe’s note. Ooop
  • Who sets up all the music stage stuff for concerts at the Talon? Cause that’s not easy.
  • Pete gives Clark a CD. “It’s the latest Talon mix.” Turns out this is product placement for the first Smallville Soundtrack that was released a week later.
  • Oooo triangle ending! How much longer can they play this out?
  • Another good episode, well directed and acted. This season has definitely moved away from the KMOTW of the first season into just how complicated all their lives are because of each other mostly. And secrets.


Next episode: Rosetta!


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