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  • opening scene showcasing a typical morning in the Kent home. It’s nice to see how comfortable the actors and the characters are by this point.
  • Clark studying Greek tragedy. The writers laying it all out already.
  • Heat vision toast. Ew. Is there biological material in the rays at all? Yikes.
  • Uh oh. Who’s the trespassing redhead? And creepy. She just shows up at his school
  • “I’m your mother” whaaa? Another episode I don’t remember. And more family secrets. Seems to be a theme this season.

Act One

  • Writers Gough & Millar / director Greg Beeman.
  • Blair Brown – Fringe/OITNB. Patrick Cassidy – was on Lois & Clark for a few eps.
  • Oh yea. The Kents have secrets. And Clark knows it.
  • Mrs Rachel Dunleavy. Thinks Clark is her Lucas
  • Kents and Rachel meet at the Talon – which seems like an odd choice for such a personal confrontation
  • Clark discovers Chloe is the reason this woman is here because she can’t. Stop. Snooping. She does not come across well in this scene. Clark is pissed and he’s right. Even with the reveal that Chloe’s mom is also awol. This scene just adds to Chloe’s lack of decorum. Seriously – how does Clark stay friends with her?
  • Metropolis United Charities was founded by Lionel Luthor. And there it is. All the connections. The tension between the Kents and Lionel. Lionel’s fascination with Clark. Etc.
  • And now she’s claiming she worked as a nurse for Lex’s mom, had an affair with Lionel (which is probably true) and that Clark and Lex are brothers. She’s loopy.

Act Two

  • Chloe even knows she’s got curiosity issues
  • Lana asks Chloe for help on Henry Small. Chloe: “I’m flattered. It’s nice that someone trusts me enough with their big family secret”. No. Sorry. That’s not your role Chloe. Just because you’re upset that Clark is pissed doesn’t give you a moment of happiness because Lana is someone who wants you in her business. Ew. She is terrible in this episode.
  • Meteor storm flashback! With more info!
  • Pa carried the ship himself to a truck. And then they meet Lionel in shock about Lex. Baby Clark meets Baby Lex. This was probably a story in the Silver Age.
  • Interesting notion that it was because of Pa’s heroism that the Luthors prevailed. Could’ve gone a whole other way had he not been there for Lionel.
  • Young Lex and Young Clark are the same actors from Pilot
  • Sheriff Ethan!
  • Uh oh. Dna test!

Act Three

  • Lana meets Henry Small. It doesn’t go well.
  • They send Pete with Clark to get the sample?!? Trusting that no one analyzed it by the time they got there. Ah. They use Pete’s dna to swap out. Ewww.
  • Martha about baby Clark: “There’s a reason he’s here.” Usually a line Pa says
  • Baby Clark is kinda creepy with his smiles and stares.
  • The Kents had to make up a story on the spot because Ethan came to visit
  • Lionel made all the arrangements. Didn’t Lionel wonder where the Kents got the kid from? Part of why he’s so curious about the Kents
  • Lex looks genuinely hurt by not having the potential to be brothers with Clark
  • Lionel and Rachel. This is a soap opera scene
  • Lex stabbed in the neck! Rachel drugs him up. Everyone around Clark suffers constant injuries/attacks.

Act Four

  • Clark with a decent notion about why Clark and Lana are hungry for any info on their birth parents. See? The Greek tragedy is playing out.
  • Chloe’s mom left when she was 5. It’s the root of Chloe thinking she isn’t good enough to be loved. Ew. Pity party.
  • Again Clark zooms off near Chloe. Not really smart.
  • Rachel totally just gave a psycho killer wind up with that axe

Act Five

  • Shattered axe on Clark trope!
  • Henry makes amends with Lana
  • So what did happen to Rachel’s baby? Apparently this will get resolved later this season
  • Ohhhh. Pa is the reason the Ross brothers sold to Lionel. And that’s how the Luthors got a hold on Smallville. And there it is. A new wrinkle to Pa and all of his distrust. And in a way – another thing for Clark to feel bad about. The meteor storm brought all kinds of bad luck. The death of Lana’s parents. The meteor rocks. Lex’s hair. Lionel getting a foothold on Smallville. Etc
  • Lionel said Rachel’s baby died before his first birthday. Putting doubt that it really was Lionel’s. But who knows?
  • Oh wait. This ending. The music. A picture of Lionel with who?? To be continued!
  • This was a better ep than Redux. Felt more Smallville than just teen drama. Really like the way the flashbacks morphed in and out of the present day action. The one with Martha and using lighting to change back was creative. Most of this is just a way to create mystery around these characters but it at least ties up a thread: Clark’s adoption. And how that all played out. That’s one mystery resolved.


Next episode: Ryan!


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