TDR Digest 09.09.23

The Daily Rios Digest for September 9th, 2023: Danger Street 1 by King, Fornés and company. Celebrating 50 Years of Super Friends and Star Trek: The Animated Series. Comic History Trivia for September. And more! (1:14:33)


(00:00) Danger Street part 1
(26:41) Timeline Trivia Tuesday: September 2023 part 1
(41:20) Comic Previews: for November
(1:01:19) Podcast Promo: RadioWayne’s One to Grow On
(1:12:22) Today in History: September 8, 1973: Super Friends & Star Trek: the Animated Series


Hither Came Conan

RadioWayne’s One to Grow On



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