The Daily Smallville 04:01 Crusade


04:01: CRUSADE


  • three months later
  • A death video for Clark from Chloe to find out what happened to her
  • Crazy storm. Clark returns. 
  • Is this similar to Superman the Movie? Spending time with Jor-El to learn?
  • Lois smokes – because of her father. Just like the movie 
  • “Who are you?” “Lois. Lois Lane”
  • Okay even though I remembered this opening it still worked on me. 
  • New title song images. Including spoilers for this season!
  • Jensen Ackles but no Erica Durance?

Act One 

  • Writers Alfred Gough & Miles Millar. Directed by Greg Beeman. All the big guns.
  • whoa. Lex alive. Just like that. All in white and playing Indiana Jones. And now Kryptonian symbols are all across the world.
  • Kryptonian alphabet: This is the First Crystal of Knowledge 
  • Clark at the hospital. Red blanket of course
  • Upping the beefcake now that Lois is here. It’s only fair. 
  • Paris! 
  • Ew. Lana has a type for sure
  • Jason. Jensen Ackles. 
  • Pa in a coma for three months. Huck Finn is his favorite. 
  • Doctor Harden again. 
  • Kal to Lois: “You talk a lot.” Haha. 

Act Two

  • Lois meets Martha
  • “I’m waiting for the sign.”
  • Lex’s blood needs to be purified every 72 hours. Yikes. 
  • Pa calls the barn Clark’s fortress of solitude 
  • Clark: “I was in a place that felt like home”
  • About Pa: “He tried to prevent me from being reborn”
  • Dr. Vaughan, Lex’s doctor
  • A crystal inside the artifact. And it triggers Clark
  • ANOTHER Kryptonian artifact: a key. The ship’s heart. Jor-El’s amulet. The star blade. And now a Crystal or gem. 
  • Always dug this moment. Clark goes all Matrix
  • Hahaha. No flying what???
  • Ah I see. Because Clark and Lex aren’t friends anymore they need a new cute meet. A new bridge crash moment to bring them together. That’s what the airplane scene is for Lex. A new obsession just like surviving the porsche

Act Three

  • Jason Teague
  • Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux. Is this the new Smallville 61? Unheard of ancestors? Or the start of Veritas?
  • Looks like Lana. Has a necklace like the Kryptonian necklace. Symbol on the shield. So is this connected to Lana or just happenstance?
  • What the heck. Lana zapped. Ah. Right. I think I remember this. 
  • Martha trying to call Virgil possibly?
  • Lois: “Give me a nerd with glasses”
  • Erica is a little eager in her acting. 
  • Lionel is being released in two weeks
  • “What is it? A bird? A plane?”
  • Clark’s initial size against the plane seems off
  • How much did Lex see?

Act Four

  • Margot kidder!!! Bridgette Crosby!
  • “You don’t know anything about my son.” That look on Kidder’s face in response. The closest we get to an acknowledgement of a larger Superman metaverse beyond just using similar actors. This is like the multiverse before Crisis. Almost like Kidder would turn and say Shut up, Lana. Or, I knew you in a different reality.  
  • “You’re right. I don’t know Clark”. Or at least – not this Clark
  • “But I do know what it’s like to love someone whose calling is greater than your own.” This is great casting and great meta dialogue. 
  • “In a different lifetime.”
  • “Because he flew. He has completely embraced his Kryptonian destiny”
  • Crusade symbol 
  • “Only challenge to a father’s will is a mother’s love”
  • Black Kryptonite. Wtf???
  • Three relics hidden around the world. When United they point the way to a treasury of knowledge. Where is this coming from?
  • Apparently Lionel has been looking for these for the past 2 years. This is like a new hunt to replace the caves. Like the caves weren’t working so we’re going a new route. A new chase. 
  • “Apparently I’m not ordinary.” Still pushing that Lex is above average in health
  • Oh gross. The caves again. 
  • One symbol found and placed into a table in the caves. One down two to go. 
  • Naked Lana now. Both going thru a destiny thing. 
  • black Kryptonite separates Clark’s two natures. There’s the Kal side with the Superboy Prime scar and the Clark side.
  • Pa Kent wakes up! Maybe Jor-El was keeping him in a coma. 
  • So many new elements. Pretty cool for a season opener. Trying to push the series to new roads. Building on before but needing to push beyond. 

Act Five

  • Clark about flying: “If I can do that maybe I’m capable of anything.” That’s the look Pa once gave Clark when they talked about flying before. Just how powerful is his potential? 
  • Martha held on and saved them. 
  • Tramp stamp
  • Ha! Lionel was expecting Martha Kent. He was trying to make himself presentable. But it’s Lois. 
  • Lois and Lionel
  • “Try to have a little more than righteous indignation.” Lois gives a look like she will bring the facts from now on. Lionel just set her on her journalistic streak for answers.
  • Lois slings it back. If it wasn’t Lionel then who was it and why? And are they setting up Lionel?
  • Chloe Sullivan: 1987-2004
  • The real Clark meets Lois this time. 
  • They have pretty good chemistry so far
  • X-ray that coffin Clark. “Chloe’s still alive!”


Next episode: Gone!


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  1. Take a drink this season every time someone says the whole name “Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux.”

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