TDR 439: Timeline Tuesday: October

Timeline Tuesday for October! Comicbook anniversaries, first appearances and major events featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, Tim Drake, G.I. Joe, Dolphin, Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale and more! (19:21)


(01:33) 10 years ago: October 2008
(04:53) 25 years ago: October 1993
(10:13) 50 years ago: October 1968

1 thought on “TDR 439: Timeline Tuesday: October

  1. Peter,

    As always, thanks for the podcast. It’s always enjoyable.

    As to your question regarding the Batman LOTDK Halloween specials–no, they did not have anything to do with Loeb & Sale’s “Long Halloween,” storywise, but, as you said, their work together on these three specials did lead to them working together on those longer Batman stories.
    I would strongly encourage you to read these Halloween specials. They are some of my favorite Batman stories, ever, and particularly nice if you’re looking for a light, quick read. Sale’s artwork perfectly complements the stories Loeb is telling. Really, fantastic stuff!


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