The Legion Project 12: The More Things Change

In this episode, we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes #12, “The More Things Change”, wherein the Legion elects a leader, and the Legion founders announce their resignations! Plus, Who’s Who entries and a special announcement! (2:02:12)


(00:42) Preamble, anniversary talk, and feedback
(13:46) Legion of Super-Heroes issue #12 synopsis, general thoughts, and comparing covers
(30:48) Main discussion on “The More Things Change” and the Legion election
(55:59) “The More Things Stay the Same” back-up tale discussion and the art of Ernie Colón
(1:11:54) Extra thoughts and letter column reactions
(1:27:42) Who’s Who issue #5 Legion entries: Color Kid, Colossal Boy, Composite Superman, Computo, Controllers, Cosmic Boy, and Cosmic King
(1:52:30) Announcing our new supplemental episodes: Tales of the Legion Project!
(1:57:22) Wrap up and Outro

INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic

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