Quicksilver’s Lament

With today’s release of 25 (25!) Empire covers featuring the X-Men for the upcoming Days of Future Past movie, the Court of Public Opinion reacted mucho negatively to the movie costume for Quicksilver. I have no strong opinion one way or another – although really, after four X-Men movies, this is the costume to freak out on? – but it did make me think of an old Fred Hembeck cartoon about Quicksilver which I’m presenting below. I believe I clipped this out of an old Comics Buyer’s Guide – not really sure what year. Late 80s? Early 90s? Kept it in a scrapbook for years and thought today was the perfect time to bring it out (heck, it even resonates with the A Bolt From the Blue post from two weeks back). Hit the image for a larger version. If anyone knows exactly where it’s from, let me know!

And now Fred Hembeck presents: “Quicksilver’s Lament!”


4 thoughts on “Quicksilver’s Lament

    1. Since this was from the Comics Buyer’s Guide (I believe), DC or Marvel probably weren’t notified. Those strips were great. Hembeck (and Giffen and Aragones and Steven Grant, etc) is one of the best satirists of the genre. Othertimes he’s just silly fun. I think this was one of my favorite strips back in that time: http://www.proudrobot.com/hembeck/gabc3.html

  1. Genius!! Hembeck was a master!!!! Finally the truth behind QuickSilver is revealled. Like Flash I have always hater QuickSilvers look and costume and he was never even close to Flash league in my mind as a child. Second or fifth rate rip off character who was in bad need of a costume change.

    1. You’d think the son of Magneto would get more interesting character development – especially as a speedster. But they played him too arrogant for too many years. Under the “right” writer, he probably could be one of the more powerful mutants in the Marvel U. They should give him other powers as well – something different than just speed – to make him a little more unique.

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