Quicksilver’s Lament

With today’s release of 25 (25!) Empire covers featuring the X-Men for the upcoming Days of Future Past movie, the Court of Public Opinion reacted mucho negatively to the movie costume for Quicksilver. I have no strong opinion one way or another – although really, after four X-Men movies, this is the costume to freak out on? – but it did make me think of an old Fred Hembeck cartoon about Quicksilver which I’m presenting below. I believe I clipped this out of an old Comics Buyer’s Guide – not really sure what year. Late 80s? Early 90s? Kept it in a scrapbook for years and thought today was the perfect time to bring it out (heck, it even resonates with theĀ A Bolt From the Blue post from two weeks back). Hit the image for a larger version. If anyone knows exactly where it’s from, let me know!

And now Fred Hembeck presents: “Quicksilver’s Lament!”