…And Enter Into The Dark

DC released this Abandon all Hope teaser by Howard Porter today on CBR. Took a lil digging, but I found the reference and matched up the images below. It’s from Michelanglo’s Last Judgment fresco which is on one of the walls at the Sistine Chapel. Here’s the wiki detailing the entire image: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Judgment_(Michelangelo)

The DC teaser image references the Boat of Charon section on the bottom right of the full Michelangelo fresco. The image is a showcase of DC’s Dark line characters on a boat on the river Styx as they are tugged and dragged to Hell. Zatanna holding the oar is in Charon’s position on the painting. John Constantine is in Minos’ position. All the rest line up fairly well with the addition of Aquaman’s hand being pulled down into the water next to Pandora. Most of DC’s teaser images are much fun to decipher and match up to the originals in interesting ways. Always happy to see more.


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