If you enjoy comicbook trivia, check out CGS Episode 1449 from December 30th. The gang gathered for a special trivia matchup and I acted as gameshow host. We used the Trivial Pursuit-style trivia game that I created back in 1999 and I even got a chance to update it with a slew of questions on comics prior to DC’s the New 52 and Marvel’s first Marvel Now wave. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s challenging. Listen in!

And below you can see older pictures of the board that was created by Kevin Moyer and I before one of Shane’s Halloween parties (for those that don’t know, Kevin and Shane are CGS hosts). We didn’t use it for the podcast, but this gives an idea of how it can be played. The colors match up to six categories, just like Trivial Pursuit. Black is Continuity (First appearances, Golden Age, Silver Age, family relations, etc); Green is Geography (Planets, Base of Operations, Dimensions, etc); Orange is Powers (Abilities, Weapons, Costumes, Technology, etc); Purple is Events (Crossovers, Storyarcs, News, etc); Blue is Characters (Codenames, Team Rosters, Rogue Galleries, Creators, etc); and Red is Hypertime (other publishers, Movies, TVs, Cartoons, etc). Roll again spaces are the DC/Marvel logos.

The pictures aren’t super clear, but you can make out certain comic book images that match up to the six categories. You can see Spawn in the Red pie piece. Titans Tower and the Bizarro homeworld in Green. Stan Lee, Punisher, Silver Surfer and Joker in blue. Halo in Orange for her powers. Earth X and Dark Knight Returns in purple. Etc. I’ll have to grab a closer, clearer picture at some point. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Trivia!

  1. Jesus Pete, that looks fantastic! I notice some Image sections on the board. Its rare that i hear any sort of image trivia on any podcasts of amywhere else for that matter!

    very cool.

    Did you ever name the game?

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