A Bolt from the Blue

Through USA Today, DC released new information on the future of the Flash and the re-introduction of Wally West. Included was the cover image to the upcoming Flash Annual #3 featuring a new blue-color costumed Flash.


Of course, various comicbook readers so very obviously reacted with shock and dismay. At this point, some of those readers could just cut and paste their responses from news story to news story – it’s the same old tired complaint: “Not muh DC!”. Poor babies. But wait! To those lamenting the color scheme of this “new” unknown Flash, is it really that much of a drastic departure from what has come before?

Let’s investigate!

When I think of Blue Speedsters, probably the first one that comes to mind is John Fox, the Flash of the 27th Century. To be fair, when he would later join the Justice Legion A of Grant Morrison’s DC One Million he would change his color scheme to the typical red and yellow:
And then there’s Blue Trinity, the Russian speedsters from the early post-Legends Wally West Flash run:


Zero Hour gave us a new speedster in the Legion of Super-Heroes: XS. Granddaughter to Barry Allen and cousin of Impulse:


Even Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, wore the colors when he was taken over by Cobalt Blue during the Mark Waid “Chain Lightning” story from 1999:


How could I ignore my love for DC Funny Animal comics? Here we have the Terrapin Torpedo known as Fastback, a member of Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew:


And then there’s the very essence of Barry Allen brought forth as a Blue Lantern, avatar of hope, in Blackest Night


And then there’s…


Oh wait.

Anyway, you get the point.

PS/ Wally West grew up in Blue Valley. Just sayin’.


3 thoughts on “A Bolt from the Blue

  1. Blue Trinity! I loved the Baron/Guice Flash reboot.

    Also, when I think of “blue” in the Flash history, my mind immediately goes to Max Mercury.

    Good to have you back posting on a more regular basis, Pete. Thanks.


    1. I should’ve included him in the mix. In my mind’s eye I kept seeing that puffy white shirt and the blue didn’t resonate. But he definitely fits the blue speedster look. Thanks!

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