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Recommendations from the February Previews for comics and collections mostly shipping in April. Hit the individual pictures and links for info, previews, ordering info, etc. More thoughts and other tidbits below! Pre-order when you can or at the very least, tell your comic shop dealer about the comics you are interested in purchasing!






















– It’s not often I delve into the Avatar line. Garth Ennis’ new sci-fi horror book Caliban has enough of a decent premise that I’m willing to try it out.

– I just noticed with this Previews that Boom is back in the “Other Publishers” section – and no longer up front with the Dark Horse/DC/Image/etc. Weird.
– The art by Chris Visions in Dead Letters has a great design sense to it. Lots of art and illustration on his site. Definitely worth a look.

– Volume 5 of the Nexus Omnibus trade series is solicited.

– Say hello to the new: Sinestro (Eaglesham on art!), Aquaman and the Others, Secret Origins and Justice League United (Adam Strange!).
– Say goodbye to the old: Justice League of America, Nightwing, Suicide Squad, Superman Unchained, Stormwatch and Teen Titans.
– I love me some weekly comics – when they’re done right. And Batman Eternal looks promising. If it’s half as good as 52, I’ll be happy. With how large a story you can tell in this format, allowing plotlines to breathe when you have a large ensemble cast, I’d be up for a Legion of Super-Heroes weekly. It’s a deadline crunch for sure, but imagine the scope a Legion story could bring.
– Lex Luthor now a member of the Justice League. That’s kinda awesome.

Tranformers Legacy: the Art of Transformers Packaging. I certainly poured over the package art of the few Transformers I had as a kid.

Pretty Deadly is now in collected format. Get it!

– More All New Marvel Now #1s: Iron Fist, Elektra, Hulk, X-Men Legacy (or Nightcrawler?), All New Doop, All New Ultimates and All new Fantastic Four. Of the lot, I’ll give Iron Fist a try – although I doubt it’ll live up to the short-lived Brubaker/Fraction/Aja run. I’m also curious about Ultimates and FF – if for no other reason than I feel the mix in diversity is something that should’ve been a trademark of the Ultimate line from the beginning.
Superior Spider-Man comes to an end. And Amazing Spider-Man begins. As much as I dig Superior, having Humberto Ramos on Amazing is not a selling point for me. Then again, I’m sure it’ll double ship, which means no artist will stay on the book for too long. Fingers crossed.
Daredevil celebrates his 50th anniversary with a 1.50 numbered oneshot. Stooooopid.
– And for those waiting for a Miracleman collection, the hardcover of the first four issues is going to cost you $30. So basically, it’s cheaper to buy the individual reprints. Marvel is going to fleece this property. Good luck!

– The new Vertigo Quarterly: CMYK series based on the four colors of comics coloring looks to be an interesting experiment. Jock, Fabio Moon, Amy Chu, Tony Akins and others. I’m in.

4 thoughts on “Previews for April 2014

  1. Looks like DC is preparing to trim some more fat but is actually going to put in some marketable books! Sinestro , Aquaman and the Others, Secret Origins and Justice League Unlimited all seem like viable choices!!

    I know Pete you were a big New Teen Titans fan as was I , however the latest incarnation of Titans was NOT the version I could enjoy. It was sanitized and dull. Not a great book that I wont be sorry to see go. Ill miss Suicide Squad but good riddance to the rest. A little shocked at JLA though. I think it proves Roster is everything. It the team is viewed as second stringers then thats what it shall be!!

    Thats my ten cents..

  2. I just preordered Translucid myself. I love your idea of a LSH weekly. With such a large cast, a weekly would be a great way to feature such a large cast. In fact, let’s reboot the DCU via a LSH weekly! 🙂

    1. I think if there was a Legion weekly, I would do everything possible to catch up on my DC reading just so I was current and could do issue by issue breakdowns. I’m hard pressed to think of someone with the chops to write even a monthly Legion book (that hasn’t already written the title). Might be a good topic to think about: what new writer could do the Legion justice?

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