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TDR 450: On Podcasting… a Top 5

The Daily Rios 06.13.13: On Podcasting… Returns

Based on listener feedback, On Podcasting… returns with a look at listener donations. (19:53)

The Daily Rios 03.25.13: On Podcasting… con’t

The On Podcasting… topic continues kicking off with a question on recording convention panels, as well as a look at niche comics content. (17:33)

The Daily Rios 02.11.13: On Podcasting…

The first episode On Podcasting… covering the topic of content. (37:10)

The Daily Rios 03.01.13: Feedback Friday

Emails and audio comments on podcasting, the Thin Man, Top 5 episodes, Green Lantern and more! (39:04)

The Daily Rios 02.15.13: Feedback Friday

Reactions, comments and questions from the listeners including more On Podcasting topics! (49:54)

TDR 480: Year Nine Begins

Podcast Appearance! George and Tony Entertainment Show 192

Podcast Appearance! Culture Trappin 8

Podcast Appearance! Longbox Review 123 & 124

Year Two Ends

My New Favorite Podcast