The Daily Rios 02.11.13: On Podcasting…

The first episode On Podcasting… covering the topic of content. (37:10)


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6 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 02.11.13: On Podcasting…

  1. Neal Gaiman once said he was reading Joseph Campbell’s “Hero of a Thousand Faces” and had to stop because he realized it was so much about the story structure & the hero’s journey and rules he’d long ago learned and had broken. That said, I loved this episode, but I think maybe even I should have stopped because it made me think about the podcast structure and rules that I just took as the “now we’re supposed to’s”.
    I guess maybe I just picked it up through osmosis or something and tried to do it when I started, never thinking about what I was doing.

    I have no idea what kind of comment this is.

  2. Haha. Great thought, Ryan. If you listen to enough good podcasts, I’m sure some of their methods rubbed off. And some of it could be common sense or just a natural creative bent which you obviously have because of your writing/drawing. Most of my own thoughts are shaped by the many podcasts that do it “right” vs the many that have podfaded or that I can’t listen to for one reason or another. One of those “I know what I like” kind of things.

    So yup – there is no rulebook – but there are certainly things that most successful podcasts do.

  3. I will one day build the nerve to publish a podcast but when the thought crossed my mind you were the first person I asked (On Twitter) and sure enough you gave me some very helpful ideas and I cant thank you enough. I first got into listening to comic book podcast’s with CGS and held that very highly in my mind. So the fact that one of the guys who l listened to on a daily basis took a minute out of his life to even humor my idea of giving podcasting a try was profound. It also brought it all in perspective for me,,people like yourself are fans first and want to be a part of keeping the discussion alive. Just wanted to say I appreciated that and all our chats on Twitter. This episode was great!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Chris! Looking back on how all this started can only help – it was a fun time in the early days of comics podcasting, for those of us that chose to pool our thoughts/resources. Podcasting is all about accessibility.

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