TDR Digest 05.20.23

The Daily Rios Digest for May 20th, 2023: Quick thoughts on Cocaine Bear, Scream 6 and Quantumania. Comic History Trivia for May. Covering the Knight Terrors and Dawn of DC Primer giveaways. And more! (1:08:23)


(00:00) Movie Monday: Cocaine Bear, Scream 6, Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
(13:37) Timeline Trivia Tuesday: May 2023
(28:45) Wednesday Night Fever: Knight Terrors; Dawn of DC Primer
(44:54) On Podcasting: Share the floor!
(59:20) Comic News: Len Kaminski; a trio of New Golden Age mini-series; Wonder Woman’s daughter Trinity



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