2 thoughts on “TDR 450: On Podcasting… a Top 5

  1. Congratulations on 450 episodes, Peter! Another great one. I always appreciate your point of view. And it also gave me food for thought, especially since I got back to blogging this year. I definitely want to keep in mind whether I’m doing a book report or adding something to the conversation, when I write something up about a book or comic I’ve read or a movie I’ve seen. I like to think I do the latter, but it’s always good to be conscious of possible pitfalls to better avoid them.

    Looking forward to the next 450! And thanks, as always, for the work you put into the podcast.


    1. Chris! Thanks for the feedback and for listening. Had a few of these thoughts going for a long time – just felt the need to finally give them voice. And then of course, the next ep I do is on War of the Realms with all those Asgardian pronunciations. haha

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