Year Two Ends

Although Year Two was marked as beginning on September 2, 2013, (mostly because I needed a two month break after doing 260 episodes in Year One), The Daily Rios’ true anniversary falls on July 2nd. So since that date, in two days, falls on a Wednesday (and not at the beginning of a week, for consistency), we’ll close out Year Two today.

Year Two, from July 2013 to July 2014, consisted of only nine podcasts. And while they were decent episodes (if I say so myself) that’s nowhere near the quantity of Year One. I aimed for Year Two to be a daily mix of all sorts of expression: podcasting, blogging, tumblr visuals, etc. It didn’t go exactly as planned, but hey, sometimes things change along the way. 

I won’t apologize though. (Speaking of, there was a great article released just a few days ago, entitled The Apology Epidemic, taking a look at the “rush to judgment” crowd that is sweeping social media. Penned by comedian Gilbert Gottfried (can you believe that?) it’s a definite must read. His observations are so spot on and I certainly agree with much of what he wrote. I originally planed on dedicating this post to that article because I love it so much). I always said this site was just one great big experiment. 

So. Year One: 260 episodes. Year Two: 9 episodes, 160+ blog posts. 

I’ll take it.


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