3 thoughts on “The Daily Rios 262: Year Two Begins

  1. Hi Pete,
    Catching up on lots of podcasts and just listened in to this episode. Loved what you said about having your own voice in podcasting. Funny, Eric Jr.,(he is 13 now!) has been asking me if him and I could do our own podcast where we talk about comics together and what we like and don’t like. He is ALWAYS excited about comics, all comics, and keeps me loving them so I guess that would give it a pretty unique voice! maybe we will give it a shot! Keep up the good work,
    Eric Johnson

    1. Thanks Eric! Let me know if you ever get that podcast going – would be interested in hearing it! Especially because “older comic critics” always seem to think they know what kids want from their comics – so it would be great to hear from actual kids on what they like instead of what we THINK they may or may not like. The answers always surprise people. I think kids are super aware about the entertainment they digest and why. Older critics tend to shortchange them and usually have no idea what a kid may or may not like.

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