Year Three

Sooo…. Year Three.




It wasn’t like I didn’t have the best of intentions to complete Year Three… I promise!  As much as I tried to play catch up – postdating as best I could to finish Year Two – I just seemed to fall out of it either because of work, laziness, lack of interest, etc. I was determined to at least get six months completed for 2014 which would close out Year Two. But there was no way I could continue doing that for Year Three. It’ll just be a phantom zone of ideas. A no man’s land. A negative zone.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t take notes! Down below is a list of notes I compiled as I played catch up, ranging from July 2014 to September 2014. Most of these topics would have become site posts or even TDR podcasts themselves. And I would’ve kept with the regular monthly posts such as Timeline Tuesday and Previews, as well as the weekly New Comics Wednesday. Included in the list are all of the podcast appearances to date as well. 

And now with July 2, 2015 being the start of Year Four… maybe… MAYBE… things might go differently.

We’ll see…. PJR  


July 2014
02: Year Three begins 
03: CGS ep 1489: Top 5 Comics Based on Licensed Properties 
10: CGS ep 1490: Comic Talk 
21: CGS ep 1492: Off the Racks: Savage Hulk 1, Superman 32, Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever 1 
24: CGS ep 1493: Comic Talk 
25: 21 books that changed sci-fi 
29: CGS ep 1494: Listener Feedback 
31: reactions to the Into the Woods trailer

01: Punks is returning at Image
02: Marvel too busy to make a female superhero movie 

04: CGS ep 1495: BOMC Saga vol.1 & 2 
06: critics who say superheroes shouldn’t wear heels haven’t seen the Wonder Woman drag death drop
07: Sherry Jackson in Star Trek “What are Little Girls Made Of?”. Wow.
09: Sunshine movie review
11: RIP Robin Williams  
17: Jamie’s Avengers Run! 
18: CGS ep 1500: Uncle Sal Lives! 
21: Ten Favorite Books that were Required Reading  
25: CGS ep 1501: Jamie’s Avengers Assemble! 

01: Tom Brevoldemort bogus comments on comics criticism. And then Bendis chimes in.
09: Crisis is not in April! Nerds! From the Mouth of the Wolfman!
13: CBR’s Comic Cover Streak #103 – wrong!
19: True Comics Journalism – from Chicago – drawn articles.

More Podcast Appearances
Oct.06: CGS 1507: Comic Talk 
Nov.11: CGS 1515: Comic Talk  
Dec.02: CGS 1520: A Cornucopia of Comic Conversation 2014
Jan.04.2015: CGS 1527: Trivia Showdown! 

Jan.23: Crisis Tapes 10: Crisis on Infinite Earths 1 part 1 
Feb.06: Crisis Tapes 11: Crisis on Infinite Earths 1 part 2 
Mar.09: CGS 1542: 10th Anniversary of Comic Geek Speak 
Apr.06: Crisis Tapes 12: Crisis on Infinite Earths 2 part 1 
May.04: Crisis Tapes 13: Crisis on Infinite Earths 2 part 2 
May.17: CGS 1558: Comic Talk
Jun.25: CGS 1564: Comic Talk

3 thoughts on “Year Three

  1. So what exactly is your comment on Sherry Jackson about (was that on Twitter)? Reading that reminded me of my recent reaction to Marianna Hill, who played Helen Noel in Dagger of the Mind. Even though I’ve seen these episodes dozens of times, as I’ve been rewatching them now, I am struck by different things than when I was younger. In this case, it was Hill’s chemistry with Shatner and the playfulness and coyness that she was able to convey on screen–it kind of surprised me actually. Plus, she’s just cute.

    Holy cats! That WW drop was astounding! I would’ve broken many things if that would’ve been me. Also, I love the things you curate from the Internet. You seem to be able to find really interesting things to look at.

      1. Eric – Just that Sherry Jackson had me swooning while watching the episode. Haha. I’m usually so caught up in watching out for the Star Trek mythos bits that it was fun to be distracted by her. I love how the original series so lives in the era it was created. Not all of the characters mesh, but yes, I agree – some of the are well done. Thanks for the IDW heads up!

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