TV Tuesday: Quick Thoughts

Just a few quick thoughts on various shows I’m catching up on, new shows and upcoming TV series. 

I mentioned a little more than two weeks back that I started rewatching this show and I’m just about finished. I’m right at the midway point of Season 4 and have the remaining 11 episodes to go. Part of me just wants to stop right here and end on the “Revelations” episode. What a finale that would be (for those that know what I’m talking about). Watching multiple episodes in one sitting makes it easier to endure filler episodes – and it’s a great way to observe the progression of many of the characters, especially a weird kind of parallel happening between Lee Adama and Gaius Baltar as they both journey from new role to new role in an attempt to discover who they are and what they stand for in this world. On a different note, Bear McCreary’s music is outstanding and compliments the story far beyond what it is doing for Walking Dead or Agents of SHIELD. I look forward to wrapping this up.

Speaking of, with just 3 episodes to go, the second half of season 4 is draaaaaaaaaagging. Do we really need this much character exposition and exploration this far into the series? I can understand an episode spotlighting Bob – he’s a bit of a mystery – but Beth? Ugh. All of this Terminus teasing is just that: a big tease for stuff to finally happen in Season 5. And this is coming from someone who is enjoying the series overall. This is the first time in four seasons I feel like I’m watching out of obligation.

Is it just me, are does it feel as if the show is pulling back and retooling in light of slipping ratings and some negative feedback? With only five episodes out this second half of the season, the momentum seems to be waning. So many of the dangling plotlines could be pushed along if this so called “family unit” would just talk to each other. Today’s Sif episode was “too little, too late” for my tastes – and for all those who wanted Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman, after seeing her stilted acting in this episode, I’m once again glad you didn’t get your wish. Yikes. To be fair, the dialogue on the whole is lackluster. Not to mention that the Ward/Mae fight choreography was way more intricate and interesting than the Sif/Lorelei bout. And they are supposed to be gods! Bleh. Totally hate watching this show from here on out. No amount of bringing in what should’ve been there from the beginning or some kind of wrapping it all together episode can justify how they bungled this show. It’ll be around for another season or two, but the potential just isn’t here this season. I especially can’t see younger kids enjoying this show. The movies are doing great in drawing in a young crowd – but this show never would’ve kept ten year old me as a viewer.

Oh man, as someone who watches very little real time TV, this snuck up on me in such a good way. Imaginative, well-paced, thoughtful – that whole Universal Cosmic Calendar segment was frightening in scope. Looking forward to more.

Pictures of the TV Flash’s costume are popping up – and the gnashing of teeth begins. We’ve seen darker suited Flash costumes before: when Wally West went Speed Force-metallic especially on the Alan Davis covers in the early 90s, during Flash Rebirth to differentiate between Barry and Wally – it’s not a bother to me. Probably has something to do with how the color looks on the screen, against backgrounds, etc. Anyone remember the JLA CBS pilot? That brightly colored Flash costume – all of the very bright, flat, smooth comic-looking costumes – looked cheesy and amateurish. What works on the printed page doesn’t always work on live, moving humans.

Now that I finished BSG I want to finish the remaining two Smallville seasons so I can start Arrow in time for the new Flash. There’s a lot of geek TV out there with more to come. And of course I still haven’t started Breaking Bad. Or Game of Thrones. Or True Detective. Or…

2 thoughts on “TV Tuesday: Quick Thoughts

  1. I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying COSMOS. I watched the original as a kid and it had a profound effect on me. When I saw that it was coming back, I was very excited to say the least. To have deGrasse Tyson taking on the host role as Sagan’s spiritual successor (in more ways than this gig) is a perfect fit.

    I agree with you about ending BSG earlier than they did, but I’m interested in what you think of the finale when you get to it.

    1. It wasn’t until I saw people talking on Twitter that I even knew about the show. I can remember seeing a few eps as a kid – but not regularly. I’m stoked this kind of tv is out there in prime-time. I hope a whole new generation is following it.

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