“So Say We All”

Because I don’t already have so many other TV shows I should be watching, I’ve started a rewatch of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. The mini-series premiered in 2003 but I didn’t start watching the show until around 2010/2011 (probably because I was missing the hell out of Lost). Not sure what made me want to see it again recently – but it’s already unfolding in new ways as I watch these earliest episodes with the knowledge of what’s to come. I have a feeling I’ll get through 4 seasons of this show faster than what it’s taking me to get through the final two seasons of Smallville. I’m struck once again at how well this cast can act (for the most part). It’s no wonder the cast looks back fondly at this ensemble show. I’m going to enjoy this ride once more.

4 thoughts on ““So Say We All”

  1. I know what its like to get backed up in TV watching. I am guilty of never fully finishing BattleStar. I am left with plenty of unfinished TV business like the final season of Fringe, Arrow (Which I am truely struggling with as it has failed to engage me. )

    As for Smallville now I did love that show and missed several episodes in the final season but cheated to watch the finale. It seems to be a show that started great..lost its way in the middle then went in a very different but great direction to finish the series. Great show enjoy!!

    I am outta here..

    1. Thanks, Chris! I did the same thing with Smallville – I watched the finale when we covered it on CGS but did so without having viewed seasons 6 thru 10. Now that I finished Battlestar, I’m going to finally, FINALLY, watch seasons 9 and 10.

      And my pretty girl has me watching one of her favorite TV shows: Chuck. Just watched the first two episodes last night and it’s a nice fun, easy watch after all of these serious shows.

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