Tumblr Tuesday: Alan Davis’ Wolverine

Dropped this post on my Tumblr page about the recently read final story arc of the Paul Jenkins/Alan Davis Wolverine title: 

“Even standard Alan Davis is still good Alan Davis. Twenty images from the six issue “Killable” story in Wolverine #8-13 by Paul Cornell, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer, Lee Loughridge, Matt Hollingsworth, Jason Keith, Christina Strain, Rachelle Rosenberg and Cory Petit…”

Part I here

Part II here

1 thought on “Tumblr Tuesday: Alan Davis’ Wolverine

  1. It’s funny. Alan Davis is easily one of my favorite superhero artists (or comic artists, period). But, due to the fact that I have always had trouble getting into the X-universe, my longboxes hold a disappointingly small amount of his work.
    Luckily, there are always back issue bins to dive into. Might have to remedy this someday – once I complete my Rom and Black Panther (by Priest) collections.

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