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On this date twenty-five years ago, Say Anything was released. I was already a fan of John Cusack from Better Off Dead (“two dollars!”) and One Crazy Summer. And I was also already a fan of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” from the So album that hit about three years earlier. For maybe five seconds in junior high school, I tried to use the word “so” as some kind of catchphrase. So (hah) to have an entire album titled as such? Of course I was drawn to the album (not to mention Gabriel had the best videos on MTV at the time. So quirky). Anyway, although it would take until Grosse Pointe Blank for me to realize that Cusack is one of my favorite actors, Say Anything started it all, especially considering how different his character was from previous Cusack roles (or his small roles in movies like Sixteen Candles and Stand By Me). Say Anything is simple. It’s raw. It’s not rushed. And it felt approachable. Real. It gives my inner ’80s kid a bit of a gutpunch to know that all of the things that I loved in the 80s are celebrating 25 (or more) years – but it’s also giving me topics for posts to catch up. Haha. 




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  1. Great movie. Definitely one of my favorites as well. For many of the reasons you noted, Pete. I introduced my oldest son to this film a few weeks back. He wasn’t as into it as me, but maybe someday. My two older boys have enjoyed Breakfast Club & Stand By Me with me, so there’s that (ha!).

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