Throwback Thursday: Peter’s Comic Page

It’s a Throwback Thursday to early 2002 and my first attempt at a website presence to talk comics:


I thought this site was lost forever but I recently found it by use of a wayback site. Titled “Peter’s Comic Page”, this AOL homepage was created back in late 2001/early 2002, a few years after I had moved back to Philly. It was created as a way to stay in touch with the friends I had made at Golden Eagle Comics in Reading, Pa. where I grew up. Pre-Comic Geek Speak podcast, this is where I would do reviews, annotations, trivia, comic timelines and more. My plan was to dump all those pages of notes I had written up (and I do mean “written”, not typed) while reading comics in the 90s onto the site to always have as a reference. I’m not sure how long I actually contributed to the site (the wayback site will have that info I suppose) – but it was probably only for a year or so before I moved to Myspace, then Blogspot, then podcasting, then… you get the point.

So! Now that I have screenshots of this found site, I’ll be uploading them over the next batch of Thursdays to The Daily Rios. There’s a review of Superman: For All Seasons by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Annotations for the first year (I think) of the James Robinson Starman run. Timeline of dates. Trivia. And more. I’ll upload an image, and either talk about it or let it speak for itself.

First up, as seen above, is the main homepage with my deliberately short review of the first Spider-Man movie. I was going to switch out that main image with a new feature each time I gave the page an update but never got around to it. The “Who Am I?” section was my comicbook reading bio (which I’ll put up next Thursday). “Reading List” was a list of titles that I was reading at that time mostly from my pull-list. “Reviews” and “Trivia & Challenges” are self-explanatory. “Ramblings” is probably a mishmosh of topics. “Annotations” is all about detailed examinations of various comic series (and is the precursor to the Footnotes episodes on CGS). And the Comic Book Trivia homepage was a breakdown of the Trivia Game I created.

It’s rough. It’s raw. But I’m sharing it all because I’m glad I found it again. It’s evident that comics were always on my mind, even pre-podcasting, and I was always trying to find some creative outlet for it all. I still have tons of notes that have yet to be dropped on any site or podcast. So we’ll start here and see where it takes us.

16 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Peter’s Comic Page

    1. Yea – that was back when Ebay made me a nice chunk of change each month. I was starting to really sell off my collections. Entire runs, mini-series, etc. Although I wish I kept my Miracleman, Nightwing and Black Panther runs.

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