New Comics Wednesday 01.22.14


A mishmosh of selections:

James Robinson’s Marvel output is far less than his DC work – so with this concept and group of characters, All-New Invaders has potential to allow his storytelling voice to fully manifest in ways it hasn’t before in previous Marvel work. In the same way that Geoff Johns is the heir apparent to Marv Wolfman, Robinson is the next generation Roy Thomas. Starman, Golden Age and now Invaders? It’s a no-brainer.

Featuring Incredible Hulk in the Bronze Age!

Ellis’ “love letter” to comics and the history of comics and all of its particular themes and corners. The delayed release schedule killed the month to month reading of it for me when it was being published – and when it finally did wrap up, I never went back to complete my run. I seriously need to finish reading this. It’s one of the few Ellis titles that I feel I can read where Ellis gets out of the way and lets the comic develop on its own. I don’t mind reading comics where the author has a distinct voice, in fact I like that a lot, but I don’t like feeling like the author is constantly reminding you that they are there (cough-Mark Millar-cough).

From Northwest Passage, edited by Rob Kirby. Over 200 pages and over 30 contributors of LGBTQ cartoonists. In light of recent “controversies”, comics and their readers could use this kind of focused attention. Looking forward to this.

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