The Legion Project 31: Knights in Shining Armor

Sensor Girl recalls her first Legion adventure as Princess Projectra, with guest stars Karate Kid and Ferro Lad, in “Knights in Shining Armor” from Legion of Super-Heroes 31! Also, Who’s Who, Legends and History of the DC Universe! (2:32:05)


(00:45) Preamble and listener feedback
(16:44) Legion of Super-Heroes 31 synopsis, general thoughts, and the cover.
(30:39) Main discussion
(1:26:43) Who’s Who 24 entries: Tyr, Tyroc, Ultra Boy, and Universo.
(1:59:05) Legion appearances in Legends 4, Booster Gold 13 and History of the DC Universe 2.
(2:28:23) Wrap-up and outro


INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic



2 thoughts on “The Legion Project 31: Knights in Shining Armor

  1. Great episode y’all. Somehow I hadn’t heard the story on Tyroc’s design by Grell. And wow. Wow. The 70s was a wild time wasn’t it. Sabotaging a character like that is a weird choice.

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