The Daily Smallville 03:19 Memoria


03:19: MEMORIA


  • Excelsior Academy
  • Lionel’s wig
  • Lex even as a kid having mental spells about his brother Julian
  • “We both know he’s gone” because Lex killed him 
  • Lana to adult Lex’s rescue 
  • Let’s get some answers please 

Act One

  • Writers Alfred Gough & Miles Millar / And directed by Millar. Important episode! 
  • no Pa Kent again. Apparently Schneider was prepping for his directing debut next episode.
  • “When your heart’s been thru something like that the scars don’t magically disappear.” Remember last episode when Lana said she wasn’t talking about them? The writers are always giving their dialogue double meanings. Ugh. Be done with it. 
  • I wish they wouldn’t put the special guest stars at the top. Gives spoilers. 
  • Clark brings up Lana being trampled by a horse. There’s trauma he shouldn’t bring up again 
  • Lex bringing up finding Clark in the middle of the road
  • See? Clark pronounces it Belle “Reeve”. 
  • Lex is being snarkier than usual 
  • Summerholt and Dr Garner are back.
  • Rosenbaum gets to drive cool cars in the show 
  • Lex has been getting treatment. And of course it’s Meteor Rock related. 
  • No one came to Lex’s 12th birthday party
  • Lionel gives young Lex the lead box that Lex gave Clark in season 1 episode 2. The box that eventually housed Lana’s necklace.
  • Lionel’s story about putting all fears and doubts into that box. What box does Lionel have? Almost as if Lex is his box
  • Look at Lionel being a father. Glover’s story telling about St. George is fantastic.
  • What is Garner really after with these tests? 
  • Clark calling Lex his best friend. Is he though? Especially after the way the two have doubted each other this season?
  • Clark now knows Lex wants those seven weeks back again. Including what he saw Clark do. 

Act Two

  • Clark goes to Lionel. Such a good scene. Clark thinking he has Lionel about Lex maybe remembering info about his grandparents (I forget how Clark knows this) and then Lionel turns it back on Clark with a video clip from Lex’s time at Belle Reve. “I know your secret Clark”. Lionel continues to be a beast
  • I also like how this episode is pulling from previous episodes. Either character mentions or threads. A strong mythos episode.  
  • First physical appearance of Lillian Luthor
  • “That’s why they have you Lionel.” Ouch. Lillian wants a divorce 
  • Hm. Did Lex kill Julian or was it a cover for his mom
  • “You have to believe me.” Yup. Lex is covering for his mother. 

Act Three

  • Lionel in the Kents home. Always so awkward. 
  • Martha zings Lionel with that strength of character line. Nice. 
  • Lionel has feelings for her or is just working an angle. 
  • And now Lionel saying Belle “Reeve”
  • It’s a trap!!

Act Four

  • “Where does he come from” 
  • Now Lex is going to have to save Clark
  • Our first glimpse of Jor-El and Lara putting Clark into the ship. Is this the first time we’re learning her name?
  • Look at the clothing colors: red blue yellow.
  • Looks like she has a Golden Age Green Lantern ring. 
  • How did Clark not die in the tank of Kryptonite?
  • How does Lex not go after Lionel for this? He knows Clark is there in exchange for shutting down Lionel’s treatments. 
  • Or Clark for that matter. Did he know this was Lionel’s doing?

Act Five

  • Lex: “I will never become my father. I will never sacrifice you or anyone I care about to bring him down”. No he’ll just sacrifice his father. 
  • Clark: “Why does your father hate you so much?”
  • And here we go. The truth. This is gruesome. 
  • Maybe if Julian had a name that started with “L” he might have survived
  • Garner is comatose. Secrets hidden away forever
  • Wow. Great scene between Lex and Lionel. Powerful. Good acting. 
  • And now Lionel has learned that his hatred towards Lex has been unfounded.
  • And now Clark and Martha. Telling her he wishes he could remember Lara
  • Lara was Clark’s first word. “A mother’s love never dies.” That makes the scene where Clark screams out her name even more powerful. In an episode about repressed memories. This is Clark’s earliest memory.
  • Holy heck this last act was good. Super emotional. 
  • This whole episode was good. Solid. And an episode about Mothers and Sons for once.


Next episode: Talisman!


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