The Legion Project 29: No Star Shall Shine!

A new Starfinger is introduced as we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes issue 29: “No Star Shall Shine”! Also, Who’s Who entries, Cosmic Boy in Legends and more! (2:31:02)


(00:45) Preamble
(08:35) Legion of Super-Heroes 29 synopsis, general thoughts, comments on the new Starfinger, cover comparisons,
and saying goodbye to the Tales of the Legion series.

(36:14) Main discussion
(1:35:24) Who’s Who 22 entries: Stone Boy, Sun Boy, Sun-Eater, Supergirl, and Superman.
(2:07:20) Looking at Legion appearances in Legends 2 and Super Powers III 4.
(2:27:22) Wrap-up and outro


INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic




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