TDR Digest 07.10.21

The Daily Rios Digest for July 10th, 2021: David Geffen. Walking Dead TV show. Killadelphia. Planetary. And listener feedback. (46:11)


(05:28) Monday Musings: David Geffen
(11:46) TV Tuesday: Walking Dead
(25:38) Wednesday Night Fever: Killadelphia
(33:20) The Daily Reads Thursday: Planetary
(40:05) Feedback Friday


Ignorant Bliss Episode 18

Planetary Comic Appreciation



2 thoughts on “TDR Digest 07.10.21

  1. Curse you Rios!!! I was blissfully ignoring yet another vampire comic book, but you made me interested in Killadelphia, the first two volumes of which are now on my Instocktrades list.

    1. Making people spend money on comics. It’s my subtle super power. Haha. But hopefully you won’t be disappointed. I really enjoy the layers to the book that make it more than just a horror comic. I don’t know what the genre is, maybe something like urban horror or American culture horror, but I like it.

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