The Daily Smallville 03:07 Magnetic




  • Is this a fair? What fair brings a full roller coaster??
  • Josh Kelley cameo
  • I would buy that snow globe 
  • Hover Ball. Episode clue!
  • ANOTHER Lana obsessed KMOTW
  • “Cars. Comics. And game cubes.” Ewwww. Lana is being a snob. 
  • Meteor rock infusion! Magnetic Kid! Oh wait. More like Charma? Another persuasion character like Lex’s first wife, Desiree Atkins, from Heat.

Act One

  • Lex’s new detective reveals Chloe is snooping into Luthor history. First Clark’s past now Lionel’s. 
  • Oh wait. He is Magnetic Kid. 
  • Writer Holly Harold / Director David Jackson – both newcomers to Smallville
  • No, Lana. Last time we checked you were saying you both should forget your past and embrace what you have. 
  • That line from Pa should’ve been delivered by Ma. 
  • Oooo. Look at Lex being all Lexy with Chloe. That feels like a first. He usually saves that demeanor and line delivery for enemies or his dad. Enjoyed that scene. 

Act Two

  • Clark the stalker 
  • are they really on this ride? Kristin looks a little nervous. 
  • Lana saying she can’t wait to leave Smallville. Is that a real thought or given under the influence? This seems to be a new angle for her I think. She said in the prologue that maybe Clark was right for wanting to leave Smallville during his Exile

Act Three

  • Chloe kissing Clark to stop them from getting caught. She totally took her shot there. She knew what she was doing. Let’s just hope Clark doesn’t get all confused by this. 
  • Come on Lana. How many times have you been on the receiving end of a KMOTW? Wake up!
  • Honestly, Clark and Lana barely dated before they broke up.
  • The Torch ransacked again. Ha. The detective just walked right out with Chloe’s computer. 
  • And then Lex just shows up. Of course. 
  • How much money could Lana possibly get from a coffee shop till?
  • Haha. Seth left her Spider-Man style. 

Act Four

  • Lana in jail! The Smallville cast is a bunch of criminals. 
  • What the heck? Dead detective. Lex trying to get Chloe on his side?
  • Seth’s hand movements when using his abilities are weird. 
  • Oh look. It’s Pete. It’s like the episode just remembered he’s a cast member.

Act Five

  • short circuit Magnet Boy. And of course he may not remember what happened. 
  • Haha. Lana the felon
  • Chloe tips Lex off about Lionel and Morgan Edge being childhood friends. She’s now working with him / Lex said earlier he’ll protect Chloe against his father.
  • yup. Lana wants someone who is honest and returns her feelings. With or without Clark. And that he’ll have to just accept that. 
  • Is this the show’s way to clear a path for Lois? I can’t remember at this point if Clark/Lana get back together for a short time prior?
  • a silly throwback kind of episode. Kevin Zegers performance as Seth doesn’t help. A few small steps forward – such as Chloe and Lex and Lana warning Clark about her wanting a future with or without him – but ultimately a skippable episode. 


Next episode: Shattered!


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