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04:11 UNSAFE


  • Cute girls hitting on Clark – he’s not a total loser
  • Clark got a football scholarship to Met U – When did that happen?
  • Clark: “A girl would have to be crazy to get into a relationship with me” Ha. Famous last words
  • This is connected back to the Scare episode: Clark not wanting to share his secret for fear of what the other person would think of him
  • Alicia is back! Sarah Carter. From 03:14 Obsession
  • Who is this doctor?

Act One

  • Stephen S DeKnight & Jeph Loeb writers / Greg Beeman director – makes for an overall well executed ep
  • Lead bracelet that dampens her powers
  • Their chemistry is still here. Imagine if she was Lana or Chloe in this series
  • Belle “Reeve” pronunciation again
  • “In my darkest moment you gave me hope”
  • “She’s obsessed with you” – call back to that episode
  • Chloe once again showing that she has computer skills – which was played down in previous series
  • Dr. William McBride – is stating she’s cured. Is she tho?
  • Lana confronts Jason at Central A&M Kansas – and again he brushes her off
  • Clark and Alicia on a skating date

Act Two

  • McBride warning Alicia against seeing Clark; her reactions are great
  • She wants him to run away with her
  • Wait – how does she know about Red K? / and why does Chloe still have a ring in her possession
  • Life for Rent song by Dido. Good lyric for this ep: “Well I deserve nothing more than I get, Cause nothing I have is truly mine” 

Act Three

  • The return of more Lionel and Lex conversations!
  • Lionel: “Too busy playing with your sword to call your father?” – ha!
  • Same fencing character from season one – but different actor
  • Lionel has a greater purpose now telling Lex to “get off the path that can only lead to darkness”
  • He wants to start a Charitable foundation – to inspire the human spirit – “I’m a man who has a dream”
  • Come on Clark – how do you not see the red jewels?!
  • Ugh. Kal is back. Must be why Jeph Loeb co-wrote this ep since he wrote 02:04 Red
  • This ep strangely following up the revelation in Spell that Lana is a virgin – because she thinks that’s the issue with her relationship with Jason. Even Chloe says people were wondering about that. Is that speaking for the viewers?
  • Chloe revealing she’s not a virgin. During her internship at the Daily Planet. With Jimmy! Oh boy. 
  • “I’m not sure that’s one of my abilities but I’ll do my best”
  • Alicia and Kal also talking about their virginity
  • Ugh. This is like bordering on coercion on Kal’s part
  • “I want you to be my wife”. And he breaks her bracelet. Which is probably what she wanted in the first place

Act Four

  • Getting married in Vegas. What? Probably won’t stick since Clark isn’t 18
  • This is so campy
  • “Let’s make it official” uh oh
  • And now Lana thinking the same thing will fix her relationship with Jason
  • Eek. An episode about the two main leads wanting to lose their virginity. At the same time. Come on, Smallville. This is tacky.
  • “Because I don’t think we met by accident. I think my mother arranged it.” – uh oh. The truth is coming out. Isobel. The tomb. The spellbook. He’s making connections.
  • It’s not about getting close to Lana, Jason. It’s about getting close to Clark.
  • She takes off the necklace. / oh good – he asks how she knows about the Red K. I’m glad that’s addressed
  • “You drugged me”. Yea she did.
  • McBride learned about Clark from the sheriff’s files. Ha. Nice connection to all those cases where the sheriff would call out Clark for always being around
  • Alicia takes a bullet to protect Clark’s secret
  • Ha! Super shove

Act Five

  • Oh damn he leaves the bracelet for her
  • Are they going to address the wedding?
  • Lex being skeptical about Lionel’s intentions. Which is fair considering how many games Lionel has played in the past.
  • Lex allows him to stay in the guest house
  • Clark and Ma talk. Ah okay – there it is. The marriage wasn’t legal. 
  • Wait – she’s upset about him getting married because it’s sacred? Odd.
  • Clark crying? Wow. “She makes me feel normal and special at the same time”
  • “I expected you to use better judgment” Wow. She’s coming down hard on Clark
  • I half expected this to end with a Clark and Lana scene
  • Ah – sad ending. At least I believe this emotionality over that silly Kayla “relationship”
  • Not as good as the first appearance of Alicia. And I’m not a fan of how they use Red K in the series overall. But it’s nice to get Sarah Carter back – her chemistry with Welling is wonderful.. And they are using this all to push the urge Clark has in this season for wanting to be with someone who really understands him. It’s a tug at the future he’ll have with Lois. I enjoyed the ep for what it was – I wish the B plots were more compelling, they act more as light reminders. It’s not mandatory watching
  • They probably needed a better title for this episode as well. I get the sentiment of feeling unsafe around Alicia – but maybe there was a better title considering it doesn’t necessarily reflect Lana’s plot in this episode. Although it could for Lex. Maybe Unsure?
  • Longing for something greater seems to be a theme this season. For Lionel. Possibly for Lana. For Lex trying to do all that research on other powered beings. 
  • Rating: 3.75


Next episode: Pariah!


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