The Daily Smallville 02:04 Red


02:04 RED


  • Class Ring day
  • Jessie Brooks. played by Sara Downing
  • Clark described as a “Major hottie in primary colors”
  • Clark gets red! Didn’t he see the same kind of ‘poisoning’?
  • VP Gibbons
  • Who is Kyle and this US Marshall? After Jessie and her father
  • Haha – come on. Boom box in a bath? That really has enough juice to kill?

Act One

  • written by Jeph Loeb / Jeff Woolnough director
  • hmmm can you write on Clark’s skin? Shouldn’t that be impossible with his super skin?
  • Bahaha. Bad boy Clark is a terrible deliverer of pickup lines.
  • Why did Clark have to knock at the Talon if Lana just opens it?
  • They are studying about the Red Scare. Because of course they are in an episode entitled Red
  • Lana’s not into creepy Clark’s comments / and he totally uses his xray vision on them.
  • This ep is not as fun as the Heat one.

Act Two

  • Clark went on a shopping spree. And buys a kayak and jet ski? In Kansas??
  • Clark goes Rebel Without a Cape
  • I get the point of this ep but again – unlike Heat – it’s not constructed as well. These dialogue bits aren’t landing the same. The intention is clear but something about it feels gross, but not on purpose. This ep doesn’t age well.
  • “You’re not my father.” Ouch.
  • Clark assaults Pa!

Act Three

  • another Lana and Clark kiss – this time Clark not in his mind. Just like Lana was in 01:15 Nicodemus
  • The Kents calling in Pete to help. Glad he’s getting more coverage
  • Chloe stumbles on the truth of the class rings. A red vein of the meteor rocks was found in Hobbs pond.
  • Green physicality. Red emotionally.
  • Lex’s office all teched out because of Lionel
  • Clark and Lana going Footloose clubbing / There’s a lot of flannel in this club
  • Bar fight! Come on! A whole room sees Clark tossing people around and setting a bat on fire. Even if the beams aren’t visible. This is weeeird.

Act Four

  • the Kents confronting Clark about the ring. Clark: “you’re the ones who’ve been forcing me to hide who I really am.” / Pa: “we are the ones who’ve been trying to protecting you. We don’t want anybody coming here and taking you away.” – see that? Even this Pa sees the world as exploitative. Ten years or so before Man of Steel
  • Lex says Clark’s leaving home is sudden. You’d think they would reference Lex’s rash behavior from two episodes ago. Practically the same thing. Consistency please!
  • Clark: “You have no idea what I’m capable of” – Lex is piqued! Gonna get that info one way or another / ah no – he’s just keeping him there to go see Pa
  • Chloe finds out Lana went on a date with Clark. What about their decision a few eps back? Not to let Clark get in the middle.
  • Wait. Is this the first time Clark and Lionel are meeting?
  • And then the Marshall walks in. And Clark is using his powers right in front of them both. Come on – no way Lionel is really blind. He’s gotta be seeing all of this.

Act Five

  • dead Marshall
  • How did Pete and Pa just happen to find Clark in the middle of a corn field?
  • Smashed Class Ring. I guess unlike Green it has to be in contact of some kind?
  • “So the son becomes the father”. But from the Luthor pov. This whole series is basically father and sons.
  • Lionel has the smashed bullets that Clark fired at himself. He’s putting pieces together.
  • Jessie – another loose end that I doubt we’ll see again
  • Clark: “I have two identities. I don’t know which one is the real me.”
  • Clark being sorry isn’t enough anymore for Lana. Oooop. She’s right. He can’t have it both ways, secret or not.
  • Yea. I dunno. I get the rush of doing this kind of episode to dip into Superman lore – but we don’t even have the full explanation about the Green meteor yet. And we’re already rushing into the other colors. Even though we may have seen other colors in the Pilot when the meteors were seen in space.


Next episode: Nocturne!


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