The Daily Smallville 03:14 Obsession




  • field trip to LuthorCorps with a visit from Lionel himself; and Chloe and Clark have to stomach it
  • Clark with a new haircut?
  • Awkward elevator ride until Clark has to reveal his powers. And so does Alicia
  • KMOTW: Nightcrawler! Who was created to be in the Legion. So that’s close enough.
  • Played by Sarah Carter – who will play one of the Cicada on Flash 

Act One

  • writer Holly Harold / director James Marshall
  • does it snow in Kansas? Or have a small mountain in the distance?
  • That scene between Alicia and Clark was over a minute long one take. Even entering the school. Nice to see a long shot like that. 
  • Alicia trips a little on the walk. 
  • Lana still trying to get the scoop on Adam
  • A date with Alisha. Watch it Clark. Blondes with brown eyes can be trouble; plus he’s totally got a crush on her because she’s another super
  • Lana warning Clark about Adam but then saying it’s all good, once he’s evicted he won’t bother them. What show are you in girl?
  • Oooo. Lana jealous. Not that she has a right by this point. She was the one that said she might find someone else. As Clark just did. 
  • Fishnets?

Act Two

  • long scenes with these two. Surprisingly well paced
  • kiss her dummy!!
  • Oooh. She ports into Clark’s room and he is awkward as heck. 
  • Busted by Pa! Oooops! 
  • Damn Jonathan stare much at the girl?!?
  • Funny moment. 

Act Three

  • Kents are not happy. I dunno. I think they are being too mean here. Clark has a new super girlfriend! Haha
  • why is Pete such a dog?
  • Uh oh. And now we’ve gone into teen horror movie mode. 
  • in your experience Lex? In your experience you should tell Clark to run! 
  • Clark then goes to Alicia’s parents. They are scared of her.
  • First Clark goes to Lex. And now Lana. 
  • Damn. Allicia hurt her own dad. 
  • That was an awkward edit for her to use her powers. 

Act Four

  • that port looked better 
  • Clark roping Chloe in to try and trap Alicia. 
  • Apparently lead paint is her weakness 
  • Just walk out the room Clark

Act Five

  • and now Alicia Vs Lana. Again Lana’s in trouble because of Clark
  • She tells Lana that Clark told her everything. Ouch. 
  • Fight her! Ugh. Lana knocked out again!!
  • Oh yea. Good idea. Lead paint over the rock / and then over Alicia. Smart use of his powers. 
  • Okay. I know Alicia was crazy but Clark never said anything about being in love with Lana did he?
  • “Theres nobody like you.” / “Maybe that means I’ll always be alone.”
  • This show is just screaming for Lois to show up. Especially if you’re going to keep pushing Lana away with Clark realizing he can never be honest with her.  
  • Yup. Lionel is behind Adam. To get close to Lana for info on Clark. And now Lionel wants him dead. 
  • It’s interesting that this episode is a reverse of the usual KMOTW being obsessed with Lana – and yet I found it to be more engaging. Acting, the filming, the stakes. Usually Lana’s stalkers aren’t good actors or I get frustrated with the jumps in believability. This one was paced well – the warning signs didn’t start so immediately – and I was entertained. For example, writer Harold also wrote Magnetic – which was about the KMOTW getting Lana to like him. And yet the story wasn’t as polished as this was under director James Marshall who has several great episodes under his belt. He tends to take a few chances with the camera rather than just standard TV fare. 


Next episode: Resurrection!


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