The Daily Smallville 03:21 Forsaken




  • Lana and Lex last minute plans for Paris as Clark walks in. The first time he seemed awkward to see them?
  • Clone Emily from 02:21 Accelerate is all grown up now. She accelerated. Get it?
  • Superspeed heart grab. Like Reverse Flash. 
  • One of Lionel’s many projects to save or preserve his life/health

Act One

  • Written by Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson. So of course it’s going to be a Lana episode / Directed by Terrance O’Hara
  • Pete catches Clark up on his parents divorcing
  • Pete: “yo your thing with Lana – has gotta stop.” PREACH PETE!
  • I wish the show showed how much Pete appreciates the trust Clark put on him rather than just saying it. But it’s all too late by now 
  • Clark wants to tell Lana to keep her from going to Paris. That’s selfish.
  • Dinsmore is back again as well. Lionel isn’t happy that Emily has disappeared
  • Come on Lana and Chloe, your weirdo meter should be going off the charts
  • Ah. Martha agrees with me. Saying this isn’t fair to Lana. She’s not 100% behind Clark on this
  • And now Lana knows who Emily really is.
  • Damn. Dead Daddy. 
  • Lana physically assaulted #643. And captured – so she’ll miss Clark’s date where he’s going to tell her

Act Two

  • Lionel is suffering. But somehow has found out about the FBI wire tap on Lex. 
  • “You can’t disguise everything you’ve done to me under the guise of mentorship” – Lex calling out their entire relationship for three seasons
  • Is Lionel going to finally tell Lex that he’s dying? Ah. Nope. 
  • Wait. The FBI agent is working for Lionel? Setting this all up from the beginning to see what Lex knows about Lionel or Clark. How did I not see this coming? And now they are going after Ross (why now?). All to get back at Clark. 
  • “I’ve loved Lana since the first time I saw her. It’s not gonna change” Oh you think so Clark?!
  • Pa: “I don’t trust my instincts the way I used to”. Probably because of all the Jor-El stuff. And the stuff he’s seen. Oh look – an unsure Pa Kent. 

Act Three

  • Clark and Lex are getting more and more catty with each other about truth and honesty
  • Clark and Emily – and she speeds through the wall. Way before an appearance of any Flash
  • Lionel comes to Chloe about Emily. Why are we playing this game again between these two?
  • Why would Emily kill Lana with gas when she did the Reverse Flash punch on the others?
  • Another Clark rescue – wait did Lana see him zoom away after Emily? How could she miss that? He was right there and she was awake! That’s bad editing or storytelling here. 

Act Four

  • Stopping Pete on the side of a Kansas road. That’s not a good look
  • Chloe spills to Lex about his grandparents and what Lionel did to them
  • Chloe: “I know you won’t let anything happen to me” Famous last words.
  • Damn. FBI agent Loder roughing up a kid. 
  • Ah I see. Lionel gave this Loder money to double cross Lex
  • This is that trust that Pete is feeling, coming to a sharp turn. Where the secret comes back to hurt him.
  • We don’t get many scenes between Lex and Pete. 
  • Pete tries to warn Clark, not only about the FBI – but about the Luthors. 
  • Pete’s leaving. Damn. Shed an honest tear for Pete hugging Clark. He needed more screen time, more stories, more of these kind of scenes with Clark. They didn’t use this enough. A few less scenes with Lana that go nowhere. A few less scenes of Chloe’s self pity. And we could’ve done more with Pete Ross. 
  • This episode is bringing everything to a head in these last two acts: Lana in Paris. Chloe and Lex going up against Lionel. And now Pete going away. 

Act Five

  • Oh no. After Pete’s scene, Clark is totally not going to tell Lana. He can’t have her have the same worries that Pete had.
  • Emily escaped Belle Reeve
  • Lana knows Clark is holding back again. Clark is probably thinking he’s doing the right thing so that she’ll go. Hey Clark, maybe you tell her AND she goes as well. Did you ever think of that?
  • Wow. No music. Considering how much music plays a part in most Clark/Lana scenes – and that we haven’t really had many this season – to not use music at all is a great choice. As if there really is nothing left for them. No hope of the future, for a future, no hidden subtext. It’s all gone. 
  • More opera music with Lionel though. Something dramatic is going to happen.
  • Hm. Lionel may have something to do with Emily’s disappearance again.
  • Lionel arrested! Ohhhh…. I think I remember some of what might happen in the season finale. Yea – these last two acts totally just sidestepped the whole Emily thing. Got us back to Smallville mythos and story. And sets us up for the finale. Nicely played Smallville.
  • The theme of this and last ep seems to be that question again: Who are you? Lana seemed to be asking that with her eyes in that last scene with Clark. Chloe certainly always seems to ask that about everyone. The FBI agent, Lionel, Lex. And in asking Who are you they are also asking Who am I? Perhaps that’s the overall drive for this season but it comes late in the game. 


Next episode: Covenant!


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