The Daily Smallville 03:22 Covenant




  • just all kinds of nudity up in here
  • Well. Whoever was in that truck is dead
  • Adrianne Palicki. She’s 20 at the time. Starting her journey through geek properties to find one that sticks: False Kara. Judy Robinson. Nadia. Wonder Woman. Lady Jaye. Mockingbird. 
  • Kara from Krypton. I imagine at the the time this was a big hell yea moment. 
  • Clark – close your eyes! She’s your cousin!! (Spoilers. Not really)

Act One 

  • All the big people are on this. Teleplay by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar. Story by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer / Director Greg Beeman. 
  • they couldn’t get more clothes for her?
  • “Passage in the cave wall”
  • Pa is rightfully suspicious – but she does know a lot 
  • Lex just walking in. To be fair, Clark does that to him at the mansion all the time too. 
  • Clark wants to be a witness at Lionel’s trial
  • Loder Vs Lionel. This won’t end well
  • “Where have you been for the last 14 years?” Putting Clark’s arrival at 3?
  • Of course she flies. “I can’t fly.” “Not yet”
  • She knows about Jor-El too. Apparently she’s been waiting for Clark. Not unlike the rumors of a Kryptonian on Earth before Kal-El ever arrived in Man of Steel

Act Two

  • Lionel finally tells Lex about his disease. “Don’t let me die in prison”. 
  • Kara: “You broke the covenant.” So this is about Jor-El and Pa? Ohhh the deal is coming out. 
  • If he gave Pa the power to bring back Clark from Metropolis at the start of the season, one day Pa would return Clark to Jor-El. That’s a heck of a deal. 
  • Loder still eavesdropping. Uh oh. 
  • There’s a non-Supergirl power. Bye bye Loder. 
  • Pa comes to the Torch for the first time. For Chloe’s skills. 

Act Three

  • Lana with the new hairstyle. And one last attempt to get Clark’s truth. Ughhh. Don’t make promises Clark
  • Creepy Kara
  • “The love between us…” ewwwww. Now we definitely know this isn’t a cousin. 
  • Kara: “everyone you know will lie, betray or leave you”. Pete already left. Lana is next. What will the others be connected to?
  • What’s wrong with Clark? He’s getting weaker. This is never explained.
  • Lionel sends Clark a key
  • Lex to Chloe: “A dying man has little to lose” “who knows what tactics he’ll use to avoid going to prison” This is gonna be a Dynasty ending. 
  • Good Lionel and Clark scene. About Lionel and his dad. Lex and Lionel. Even means something to Clark about what Jor-El wants from him. 
  • Uh oh. The key is for the porsche room.

Act Four

  • Clark finds the room. Clark labels this as Lex’s “lies”. So where is the betrayal coming from? Kara?
  • Oh wow. Clark is going off here. Saying he defended Lex all this time. That he wasn’t like Lionel. Friendship done. 
  • Clark forgot about taking Lana to the airport. Here comes the betrayal. Clark is going to see Lex and Lana kiss or something. 
  • Clark dropping flowers. Lana thinks she sees him. Clark. You dummy. Why did you leave??
  • Lionel’s trial. Ha. Clark rolls up in his typical farmboy clothes. That’s funny. 
  • “This friendship’s over”. Boom. Mic drop Clark.
  • There’s a lot going on around Clark – enough that once again he’ll do something dumb just like at the end of season two. Come on Clark. Be smarter than this. 
  • “She will ease your suffering.” Kara saying his birth mother is alive. 
  • Cousin kiss! Eww!
  • Yup. Dummy Clark. Typical 17 year old logic. 

Act Five

  • her name is Lindsey Harrison. She died in a direct hit during the meteor storm. Jor-El used her. 
  • “She served her purposes as has Jonathan Kent”. Creepy that Jor-El would use the Kara name to seduce Clark. Maybe the writers just assumed they would never have a real Kara in the show?
  • “Come to me Kal-El.” And what, kneel before Jor-El???
  • I don’t remember this scene at all. 
  • See? This is what I mean about this version of Jor-El. In the last seasons all is forgiven. It was all a test or just what was needed to happen to make Clark become Superman. But by all these dark moments? I don’t see how they are going to win me back from thinking that this Jor-El is a maniac
  • Here it comes!!! Lionel’s revenge! This I do remember. This is mob movie ending. 
  • They only get one shot at that shaving John Glover’s head scene, don’t they? / and in shaving his head, he becomes a true Luthor in many ways. Like son, like father. 
  • Chloe and dad BOOM. Lex poisoned. Symbols on the farm. Pa dying?
  • “Kal-El my son. Now you shall be reborn.”
  • That’s almost phantom zone looking. 
  • Great tension and character in this episode. A must see for a season that was good but uneven. Even a little aimless at times. But now I can see that this was definitely Lionel’s season. Is it any wonder he’s one of the strongest characters and actors in the show. 


Next: Season Four beings!


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