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  • an actual movie at the Talon. Is she licensed for this? Is it that easy to just show a movie?
  • Of course they have Pete screaming at the screen. Stereotype much?
  • Wait. I thought Clark and Chloe weren’t friends anymore
  • Evangeline Lilly behind Clark!
  • Yes Lana. After everything you’ve seen don’t tell Clark anything about a creepy girl from your past. Ugh.

Act One

  • Story by Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer. But the teleplay is by Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders. They love supernatural stuff with a historical aspect so I imagine they punched up those elements. / director James Marshall
  • Is this a season one KMOTW come back to mess with Lana?
  • Oh now Lana tells Clark
  • Wow they really are hitting the ‘everyone around Lana leaves or dies’ with this.
  • A Caribbean honeymoon gift from Lionel and use of the private jet. This won’t end well.
  • Clark: “It’s not like people haven’t come back to life around here.” Always appreciate when they don’t ignore the town’s weird history.
  • Ew the little girl is like a little speed demon

Act Two

  • did someone even have a zombie theory, Clark?
  • Speed mode. Zach Snyder style. Just how fast is Clark at this point he can have a whole scene while the rain stops?? It’s one thing to run distance but he’s in place scoping out the little speed demon. That’s like Flash level
  • Lionel has definitely changed a bit since season one. Less bombastic and more calculating and reserved in his interactions. Which means he’s up to something. Some long game.
  • Why is the Smallville hospital always so dark? Who could get better in there?

Act Three

  • Clones and meteor juice and matrix pods, oh my.
  • Either this ep just went janky or is it possible this could be a basis for later cloning storylines?
  • No doubt this is funded by Lionel

Act Four

  • Here’s your expected Clark and Lex scene
  • Yea I’m out on this episode. Again, the tone feels not Smallville.
  • Of course it’s a deep dark secret Lana has lived with every day but has never said anything about it ever.
  • “She has no concept of right or wrong. She’s dangerous.” Is this setting up a ground rule for clones in Smallville?
  • Uhm. Can’t Lana just swim?
  • The amount of trauma Lana goes through, by this point, is unsettling. Especially watching episodes close together. It’s a cycle at this point.

Act Five

  • another Level 3 mention.
  • Genetically engineering human beings. Lionel wants to create a Clark doesn’t he?
  • And out of nowhere Lionel now has control of the caves. Wait. Who was even talking about the caves?!
  • Yea that looks nothing like a crib, Pa.
  • uhm. Are they not going to wrap up the Emily stuff?
  • Lana: “You’ve created the perfect picture of who I am”. This is an echo of Lana wanting to shed the Fairy Girl on the magazine cover image
  • This song is Lana’s subtext
  • Lana: “Maybe I need to start believing in you, Clark”.
  • Emily is a prototype. For what?
  • It’s weird that KMOTW feel logical in this show. But this cloning angle feels weird.
  • Okay. Weird tea party ending. I don’t remember how this all comes back.


Next episode: Calling!


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