The Daily Smallville 03:15 Resurrection




  • Dr. Scanlon. But isn’t that Dr. MacIntyre? I think they mixed up all the names.  
  • More heart check ups for Pa. “Next time could be fatal.” They are  setting up Pa’s eventual end here. Which is kind of cruel to Superman fans who know about his ultimate fate. Wonder if that hits the same for anyone new to Superman mythos. 
  • “Man of Steel”. Nice to see some of these obvious phrases have lessened over the last two seasons. 
  • Room 247 – Legion coincidence?
  • someone is sending the body of Garrett’s brother to Luthor 

Act One

  • writer Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer / director Terrence O’Hara – seems to direct a bunch of episodes that have to do with death/resurrection or the Smallville hospital. 
  • of course Martha wants to take in another “stray”
  • Clark is taking the surgery news hard. Afraid of losing his dad. 
  • Clark gets his dad to do the surgery. He’d be lost without him he said. 
  • “Don’t worry about me son. I’m not going anywhere”. 
  • Where’s Jor-El in all this? Are they going to save him for the last few eps?

Act Two

  • BSG Alert! It’s Karl “Helo” Agathon. Tahmoh Penikett playing deceased brother Vince. BSG will start later in that Fall
  • Dr. Teng again. 
  • Teng was working with Lex and now he can’t find her. When did he lose her? And Chloe is in on this too. This feels like I missed something. 
  • Metron Pharmaceuticals mention – a nod to Nocturne episode.
  • Vince alive. With the same blood from the eyes like Adam. 
  • Why is Clark just standing there?

Act Three

  • See? If Lana told Clark all she knew about Adam and possibly coming back from the dead he could make the connections
  • Oh NOW she tells him
  • “When he’s ready you have to let him go”. Like Ma does in the original movie. 
  • Clark hearing Lex in the middle of shady business. For the first time in this kind of obvious way?
  • Wait. Clark moves that fast and only paper moves??? Haha. 

Act Four

  • Pa under the knife.
  • Aw Pete. He loves his other family
  • What the heck. Is that a kryptonite bomb? I was going to ask where he got all that hardware but his brother worked construction. 
  • Clark Vs the Sheriff again. At this point she should just arrest him for always being in the middle of it all 
  • Ah. The Kryptonite is used as part of their demolition business 
  • And there we have proof that the vial contains Clark’s DNA. As it reacts to the Kryptonite strapped to Garrett’s chest. 
  • Clark again moving at incredible speeds here. Between seconds. And with what looks like a new special effect. Ripples in the air. 
  • Did the shooter cop not see Clark disappear?

Act Five

  • Clark’s DNA can revivify cells. But why go after the liver? Maybe human physiology can’t handle it – just like with Pa.
  • Adam in a cage
  • “What brings you?” I mean – Lex is always there. 
  • Awkward Lex and Lana scene
  • Now all the Kents know that Lionel has been using Clark’s blood. Not that they could go to the police about it without revealing Clark’s secret.
  • Clark wants to share his blood if it can do good. 
  • Pa: “You’re going to save a lot of lives in this world.” / “you save my life every day that you’re with us.” 
  • Clark lying to Lana again. At this point she can always tell when he does. 


Next episode: Crisis!


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