The Daily Smallville 03:16 Crisis


03:16 CRISIS


  • see this is what Pete should be doing: giving back or taking a cue from Clark and helping people. This is good growth, not that he sticks around for long. 
  • Clark getting a call from Lana in the future. Notice the sports game on the radio. 
  • Who shot Lana Lang?! Or will shoot?

Act One

  • Sheriff again. With a nod to the oddity that is Smallville. 
  • Oh no. writers Souders and Peterson! / Kenneth Biller director. 
  • How many of these vials are there? / Lex confronts Lionel about Metron labs. Because he wants to be put on charge
  • Whatever happened to Lex wanting to restore his memories? Did they drop that?

Act Two

  • racist much Lionel?
  • Uh oh. Bye bye Teng?
  • Ohhhh. Clark confronting Lex about his knowledge of Teng. 
  • Lex spilling info. This is an interesting impasse between the two. Stepping close to the secrets they keep from each other. Lex being a Luthor and Clark knowing things. 

Act Three

  • The farm? That’s not a safe place
  • How did Clark not get there in time. 
  • Follow the tracks that were left Clark 
  • Everything falling into place 
  • What happened to the Sheriff’s involvement 
  • That’s not going to help Pa’s heart
  • And now Chloe is knocked out. Head trauma all around. 
  • This is a perfect ep for the writers. A crime of passion which they love but wrapped in a Smallville story. Although we’re not really getting any motive. Or Adam not bringing up that this is all Lionel’s doing to spy on Clark.  

Act Four

  • we’ve reached the future. 
  • Adam is looking for medicine 
  • He just kidney punched her. Yikes
  • so how is she going to know where to call Clark? It was the hotline in the prologue. 
  • There’s a lot going on with the entire cast – and Clark in the middle. Is he being super careful not to tip that he has powers?
  • Ah okay. He’s back at the Hotline
  • So now Kryptonite can send signals through time. TV Kryptonite can do anything!

Act Five

  • Faster than a speeding bullet
  • “Now I know why Lionel sent me to watch you.” / “I couldn’t escape him. How long do you think you can.” 
  • Bye bye Batman 
  • See – if he just would’ve said something earlier – that he was controlled by Lionel – this would’ve been fine. 
  • Lex almost arrested. / “I’ll help you bring down my father.”
  • A new project head. Dr. Bergin. 
  • Right right. Lionel has a liver disease. That’s the phone call he had a bunch of episodes ago. 
  • Lana: “Maybe we have more control over our future than we think.” Nah. It’s destiny. Or at the very least, your show runners.  
  • Opera music. What? No. Lionel wouldn’t do this. What the fuck Smallville. That’s a grim ending for a show watched by youth. 
  • Lots of loose ends tied up. But it’s not as satisfying as other major episodes. Situational. But feels a little empty. Too over the top. The events move the story along but I don’t feel like the characters will change from any of this. 
  • Having the title be Crisis and dealing with a cry from the future, in the rain – almost like Flash does in DC’s Crisis. It’s a stretch but I’m going with it. 


Next week: episodes 17-22!


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