The Daily Smallville 03:12 Hereafter




  • Five for Fighting song: 100 Years. Clark’s longevity?
  • Jordan Clark. Sounds like a Superman mythos name. Martha’s maiden name in the comics is Clark, at least by the Byrne reboot
  • Jordan Cross played by actor Joseph Cross. So odd when that happens.
  • Jordan can see the future of a person’s demise almost like season one character of Cassandra from Hourglass, who could see the future.
  • Lana dies of old age. Has the Kryptonite necklace again altho it’s clear. Who’s standing by her bedside?
  • This is like the final episode of Six Feet Under
  • Clark saves the coach. Why was that guy driving like that in a school zone?!
  • See Clark? Right there you should suspect somethings up with Jordan. Go talk to him. Episode done!

Act One

  • writer Mark Verheiden & Drew Z. Greenberg / director Greg Beeman & James Marshall
  • “It’s hard when you blame yourself for everything that’s happened.” Ew. Don’t make this hospital moment about the relationship, Clark. 
  • Oooo. There it is! Superman flying! Again! The cape! Venturing where? The future? Another Galaxy? The … hereafter?
  • This power showing is similar to Unbreakable. 
  • Adam freak out. The first sign he’s not well

Act Two

  • Clark keeping his nose out of Lana and Adam’s relationship. Counter to his notions that he has to involve himself with Clark. Lots of snooping or involvement into other’s lives in this episode.  
  • No Clark – it’s not crazy. It’s just Smallville. 
  • Look at Chloe not taking the skeptical road
  • Lex calls Lana’s interest in Adam a rebound. That’s a little judgmental. 
  • Chloe sees Adam shoot up. My ward is a junkie! (Not really)
  • Jordan born day of the meteor shower. Mother got hit shortly after he was born. 

Act Three

  • Jordan describes the vision of Clark: “like you don’t have an end. It’s like you live forever.” Cooool. 
  • Lex meets Adam. Digging into his past. 
  • Adam’s mask is slipping 
  • Ooo what did Jordan see when he hit Adam??
  • A new death vision for Lana. Clark’s interference has changed things. 
  • It’s the coach. He heard what Megan said about when his daughter died. 

Act Four

  • see Chloe? This is the stuff you need to stop doing!!!
  • Pa can relate to Jordan’s dad when a son has a gift. Talks about wanting to hide him away. Shelter him from anything. “I sure as hell wanted to.” Pa says. Martha convinced him otherwise. Hmmm. Where does that theme play out again?
  • Mister Altman has flipped
  • Clark flinches at the fire or heat. Odd. 
  • Okay. Lana HAD to see Clark push the coach away 
  • Sloppy rescuing Clark
  • Nice explosion effect!!
  • Are Jordan’s powers gone?

Act Five

  • Lex doing an about face on Adam. Sounds like cloning degradation. 
  • Jordan tells Lana about Adam: “I think he died.”
  • Clark: “is that why I’m here. To change destiny?” / Martha: “You can’t save everybody.” And again, as I’ve said many times, the Kents understand Clark’s responsibility – and can’t allow him to be swamped by it. That’s the point of dialogue like this. Love it.
  • Things falling when people are surprised. Someone needs to do a supercut.
  • “Not now. Not yet.” Oh damn! Jor-El’s deal coming back?? I got chills!
  • I was just going to say this was a nice scene between Ma and Clark. Usually reserved for Pa. I guess that’s why. 
  • Stark ending with Clark just calling for help. Which is something you don’t see much of. Good ending.


Next episode: Velocity!


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