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  • Cassandra Carver. She can see the future through touch. 
  • Harry tells Lana that the Langs moved to Smallville in 1938. Same year Action Comics #1 was released.
  • George Murdock plays Harry. Long resume as an actor. Played Admiral J. P. Hanson on Star Trek TNG during the Best of Both Worlds episodes.
  • KMOTW: Harry deages when he falls into the Kryptonite laced pond while being electrocuted. / for the LSH connection, maybe Evolvo Lad?
  • So far, a lot of this opening isn’t solid like other episodes. May have to keep track of writers/directors. (Doris Egan writer, Chris Long director)
  • Cassandra to Clark: “Someone close to you is going to die”

Act One

  • Pa: “Nothing she can do to control the future. Nobody can”. Sometimes the Kents are open to the weirdness around them, other times not so much. Maybe for writing sake.
  • Harry is going after the kids of the parents who denied him a career as a concert pianist.
  • Just realized that Tom, Kristin and Allison all have green eyes. Different from everyone in the comics usually having blue. / and also in opposition to the comics, Michael R has blue eyes as Luthor.
  • Clark takes veggies to Lex’s mansion. A good way to get them to have a scene together / apparently the Kents run an organic farm / also, if Clark is driving, does that make him at least 16?
  • Clark to Lex: “Don’t you wish you knew how it was all going to turn out?” We know, we know!
  • Lex still has a savior thing about Clark.
  • Cassandra went blind during the meteor storm. “It’s not your fault” she says. The Clark guilt continues / also, this answers a question I had from before: the Kryptonite doesn’t always just bring out the worst in people. Here’s a case of a KMOTW being good. LSH connection: Dream Girl!
  • Cassandra to Clark: She sees “Signposts on your journey. What you do with them is up to you”
  • She reads Clark. He sees a vision of all of his loved ones dead. Which I mean – if Superman is practically immortal – is true. / And if we think of later seasons, her fortune does come true when it comes to someone close to Clark.

Act Two

  • Clark saw: “an endless graveyard. Like I was the last person on earth”. Again, writers have toyed with Superman’s immortality with this concept. / Clark doesn’t want his destiny to be “To outlive everyone I love. I don’t want to be alone.”
  • Lex visits Cassandra / she calls him the Savior of Smallville. That’s funny / Lex wants insight into Clark. Calls him a mystery. Connected to the accident and the car?
  • Cassandra can only tell the future of the person she touches. / Lex: “I believe we make our own destiny”. Connected to Lionel’s dialogue in the Pilot.
  • Lana learns about the Wall of Weird. And it just reminds her of the most painful moment of her life. Clark wishes he could go back in time and make it different. Like the movie. Like the song from Episode 2 / Lana says Clark is the only one who doesn’t see her as the fairy princess who lost her parents.

Act Three

  • Nobody has seen her visions except clark
  • She knows that Clark is not like other people. She saw him before they ever met. His destiny is to help people. “To save them from fear and darkness.” Darkseid! That’s more or less the entire final season even if it’s just a throwaway line here.
  • Cassandra to Clark: “Fear the future or you can embrace it.” / sounds like a recurring theme
  • Cassandra: “Clark your secret is safe with me.” Which probably guarantees she’s gonna die.
  • Clark’s confrontation with Harry. As he uses his speed and saves Zoe, it could be a few more people who would remember Clark the savior.
  • Harry tries to stab Clark. Knife shatter effect!

Act Four

  • Pa doesn’t want Clark to see Cassandra again. “Your destiny may be to protect people. But our destiny is to protect you and that has to come first.”  Interesting. That’s Man of Steel-esque movie dialogue which people think is anti-Jonathan. I don’t know, all of the Pa Kents always worry that someone will come take Clark away if his power is revealed. I continue to think that, while Pa and Jor-El are guides, it’s ultimately Clark that shapes his own path. They are just men. He’s a Superman. Which is why I don’t usually have an issue if the Kents are overprotective.
  • Lex shows the damaged Porsche to Clark. Asking Clark if he has any other info. And yet it also seems like he’s already suspecting Clark. This is far earlier in the show than I remembered. And will drive Lex for awhile.
  • Clark to Lex: “Maybe fate has something else in mind for you.” Oh definitely.
  • Clark sees the K in the pond at the home. / And then goes and sees Harry as he’s now older. / Harry brings up Hiram Kent, Clark’s grandfather. Another mention! And that Harry doesn’t remember Clark on the family tree. Interesting. That a mystery could be surmised about the Kents and about Clark’s birth.
  • Cool to see Clark take an active approach against a villain for the first time even if it comes across amateurish – which it should.
  • Lana hears about the meteor rocks from Clark and Chloe but they don’t fill her in just yet. You think they would considering she has a K necklace!!

Act Five

  • Ma Kent in trouble but not because of Clark directly for once. Because of history.
  • Harry Vs Martha and the corn silo. She’s tough.
  • Clark uses his X-ray vision. And even his awareness to assess the situation at the farm. Which didn’t really work in the alley when he got knifed – I suppose since he doesn’t have super-hearing or it hasn’t been shown yet. Again, this is good for the early stages of his development. He should be a rookie.
  • Harry returns to his old form – did he die in the silo? Could make the argument that he did. Otherwise, he’s another loose end that knows about Clark. 
  • Lex doesn’t want to do good things. He wants to do great things.
  • Lex finally decides to let Cassandra read him. A vision. And we get the strongest connection to the larger DCU yet. Lex in white. Gloved right hand. President. Sunflower field. Draining the life from SUNflowers – the sun which powers Superman. The ground underneath is built on skeletons. Sky turns to red. And it begins to rain blood. / So much to unpack there. Obvious comic book connections. In the comics, Lex was President from late 2000 to early 2003 – which is right in line with this episode. His gloved hand is a nod to Byrne’s version eventually getting cancer in his right hand from wearing a Kryptonite signet ring. The sunflower field could be Smallville, but could also be the Superman metaphor since he’s powered by the sun. Red Skies could be Crisis. Red Skies could also be allowing the darkness to take over the Earth in the form of Apokolips or Darkseid. Not that I think the writers thought that far ahead of the game. / Also interesting to see Lex’s reaction in the vision. He’s quite pleased with the destruction. Destiny, indeed.
  • The vision overwhelms and kills Cassandra. And Lex is completely rattled by it. Interesting to see him react that way
  • Clark thinks it was her death that she saw.


Next episode: Craving!


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