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03:11: DELETE


  • Chloe leaving the Daily Planet; bullpen has that Superman the movie vibe
  • Max Taylor. Any relation to George?
  • “She’s my cousin. She’s not interested in journalism at all”. Lois Lane. And here it is. If they didn’t mean for it to be Lois Lane in the past, that obviously changed somewhere. 
  • Battlefield Earth movie poster. Yikes.
  • Molly. Missy Peregrym. Shows up in Heroes later / she has the Torch computers 
  • And the Torch gets “robbed” again. Chloe doesn’t learn. 
  • Not another truck Clark!!
  • I wish the music transition from the prologue to the title song connected more. I miss that. 

Act One

  • Interrogating Clark and Chloe in the same room?
  • Ha! Sheriff comments on all the trashed Kent vehicles 
  • Oh no. It’s a Souders/Peterson episode. Hm. At least it’s not Lana focused. / director Pat Williams
  • Clark meets Adam! Awkward!
  • The actual LuthorCorps IT guy is played by Chris Gauthier. He’ll show up in Smallville again. More importantly, he’s Seymour in the Watchmen movie. How’s that for being meta? 
  • See? Even this Adam/Lana conversation is tinged with titillation. The writers can’t help themselves. 
  • Chloe to Clark: “I can only apologize so many times” How about don’t do those things in the first place!!
  • Clark’s dialogue feels stilted here. Welling’s acting is off as well. Could be that he’s not the focus of the episode so the writers aren’t really giving him anything to do
  • General Sherman mention. Odd. 
  • Brainwave
  • Evangeline Lilly sighting!
  • Kryptonite malware?

Act Two

  • Dynasty fight! I swear they wrote this episode just to get a cat fight in here between Lana and Chloe
  • Come on Chloe fight back! Oh there we go. She just popped Lana. You know she’s wanted to do that for a long time 
  • Okay come on – they aren’t ninjas
  • Here comes Adam! He’s got some moves too. 
  • If my counting is correct, Chloe gets hit 10 times. Lana gets hit 6 (combined between Chloe and Adam). Between falling down stairs, smashing into walls, getting kicked in the back and gut – the damage for both should way higher. But damn is that a fun fight. Funny how the first real hand to hand fight in the show didn’t involve Clark. 
  • Of course their faces aren’t damaged
  • Adam is good at fighting. And computers. And anatomy. He’s well studied. 
  • Even Lana is wondering how Adam knows all this. 
  • Lex didn’t like Clark bringing up that Lionel put him in an asylum
  • Lex can’t remember seven weeks / Ah okay. Maybe he doesn’t remember that Chloe was investigating his grandparents Murder. 

Act Three

  • Garner. Summerholt Neurological Institute. Connecting back to Ryan. 
  • Wow. Crazy to think this episode came out in January 2004 and by the Fall Ian Somerhalder will be in Lost. And Evangeline.
  • “Chloe can’t even hack a computer like you can”. See? How does she become so skilled later?
  • Adam has secrets. Lana’s not having it. 
  • Molly Griggs 
  • Wow. An actual small Ryan reference. 
  • And now a Mengele reference. WTF?
  • Ooops. Dead Max. Pencil to the ear!

Act Four

  • Bahaha. Radio Shack!!
  • Clark using his superhearing
  • Adam: “People here don’t say what they think.” Amen. 
  • Adam staying in Smallville 
  • Not the Kents! Haha

Act Five

  • Pa with kryptonite! Beating Clark up. Damn. 
  • Now shouldn’t Chloe wonder why Pa has a meteor rock to beat on Clark?
  • The Talon apartment! Long list of people who live here. Starting with Adam. 
  • Lex returns the computers. Oooop. 
  • Wait. What happened to Molly?
  • Chloe and Clark come to a truce. AGAIN he asks her to stop digging. But look at her face. Will she?
  • Uh oh. Lex is going to blackmail Garner to get his memories back. 
  • “I want those seven weeks back.”
  • Well how about that. The episode is a little shaky here and there – and still relies a bit on on appealing to a primetime soap opera emotionality – but it was enjoyable to watch. And the writers remember that it should be Smallville first: tropes second. Definitely helps that the actors are more grounded now. Delivered the script in a believable way. Pleasantly surprised. 


Next episode: Hereafter!


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